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Discover a vast selection of mushroom spores at, your ultimate source for diverse and high-quality spores. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mycologist, offers a wide range of classic, rare, and exotic mushroom strains to fuel your cultivation journey.

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Mushly. Edible, Medical, Psilocybin & Mushroom Info Mushly. Edible, Medical, Psilocybin & Mushroom Info

Wide Spore Selection at Fuel Your Mycological Adventures

Discover a diverse selection of mushroom spores at, your ultimate source for high-quality spores. Whether you're a novice or an experienced grower, offers a wide range of classic, rare, and exotic strains from various mushroom species to fuel your mycological journey.

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Mushly. Edible, Medical, Psilocybin & Mushroom Info


Psilocybin mushrooms have a rich history in traditional cultures for their unique properties. Learn with as we explore the world of psilocybin, from its historical use to modern research on its potential benefits for mental health and well-being. Join us on a journey of discovery and education about the remarkable properties of psilocybin mushrooms.

Mushly. Edible, Medical, Psilocybin & Mushroom Info


Learn with as we explore the world of psilocybin, from its historical use to modern research on its potential benefits for mental health and well-being.


Researching mushrooms is something lots of us want to do. Explore the world of mushroom cultivation and let your mycological dreams come to life.


Medicinal mushrooms are nothing new. They’ve been used for centuries in Eastern medicine to strengthen the immune system and achieve all-round internal balance.

Mush 101

Access the freshest perspectives from Mushly experts in Mush 101. Dive into a wealth of articles covering mushroom cultivation techniques, mycological research, and more. Stay ahead of the curve and deepen your understanding of the mushroom world with our latest insights.

Inner Alchemy: Transforming Challenges into Growth

Life will forever be a challenge that we live through, yet we see that the degree of difficulty we experience largely relates to how we interpret and...

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The Art of Connection: Nurturing Meaningful Relationships

Life is a rollercoaster of who, what, where, and how. A cacophony of experiences all piled on top of one another...

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Mindful Living: Cultivating Present-Moment Awareness

Life is always happening, wherever you are, in the present moment, right now. If you blink you might just miss it, now this is no reason to look to...

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Learning Centre

Embark on a journey of knowledge with our Online Learning Centre, where expert-led video lessons unveil the secrets of mushroom cultivation techniques. From beginner basics to advanced methods, elevate your growing skills and cultivate your passion for mushrooms with our comprehensive tutorials.

How to Make Agar

When growing mushrooms you will need to start with mycelium, the best way to grow mushroom cultures is with agar. This is an essential skill for all...

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How to Make Grain Spawn

A mushroom substrate is a material that mushroom mycelium can grow and establish itself in. The substrate provides mushrooms with the,...

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Spore Print & Mycelium Transfers

Again, in an extremely clean environment, cut a sample of mycelium and transfer it into a jar of sterilized...

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Exploring Mushly: Your Ultimate Resource for Mushroom Enthusiasts

Mushly: A Hub of Mushroom Knowledge

Mushly stands out as a leading online platform dedicated to all things mushrooms. Offering a treasure trove of information and a diverse spore selection for legal research, Mushly caters to everyone from beginners to seasoned cultivators and researchers.

Diverse Spore Selection for Legal Research

Central to Mushly's appeal is its extensive array of mushroom spores for responsible and legal research endeavors. Whether you're delving into scientific experiments, exploring genetics, or studying mycology, provides a broad spectrum of spore options to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Mushroom Resources and Community Engagement

Beyond spores, Mushly offers a wealth of knowledge on various mushroom species, covering their characteristics, benefits, and applications. From cultivation tips to identification guides, users can immerse themselves in educational content while engaging with like-minded enthusiasts through forums and community interactions.

Promoting Ethical Mushroom Practices

Mushly advocates for responsible mushroom cultivation and research, stressing the importance of adhering to local regulations. By fostering a community of informed individuals, Mushly aims to connect enthusiasts with the captivating realm of mushrooms while promoting ethical practices.

Join The Mycelium Network with Mushly

In summary, Mushly serves as your ultimate resource for mushroom information and legal spore procurement. With its broad spore selection, educational content, and community-driven ethos, Mushly endeavors to be the go-to destination for mushroom enthusiasts, cultivating The Mycelium Network for those passionate about mushrooms and mycology.

Mushly. Edible, Medical, Psilocybin & Mushroom Info


Delve into a rich repository of insights covering every facet of mushroom strains. From classics to rarities, our detailed guides offer a deep dive into each strain's characteristics, cultivation techniques, and unique properties, catering to both seasoned cultivators and curious enthusiasts alike.

Golden Teachers

Diverse Possibilities:Golden Teachers offer a myriad of possibilities for exploration and introspection. From profound psychedelic experiences to...

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Penis Envy 6

Exploring the Unknown:Embark on a journey of discovery with Penis Envy 6 mushrooms and explore the mysteries of their origin and genetic makeup. Delve...

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Potential Health Benefits:Reishi mushrooms are highly valued for their potential health benefits, which span a wide range of areas. They are believed...

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Lion’s Mane

Diverse Possibilities:With its versatile culinary uses and potential health benefits, Lion's Mane mushrooms offer a wide array of possibilities....

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Turkey Tail

Diverse Possibilities:Trametes versicolor is a testament to nature's ingenuity, offering a myriad of health-enhancing compounds waiting to be...

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Blue Meanie

Characteristic Bruising:One of the defining features of the Blue Meanie mushroom is its propensity to turn a deep blue color....

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Redefining Mushroom Perception: Welcome to Mushly

At Mushly, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way mushrooms are perceived. We're passionate about ensuring that everyone can unlock the remarkable benefits mushrooms offer.

Unlocking Mushroom Potential

Modern research has unveiled the extraordinary properties mushrooms possess. From antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities to antioxidant prowess, mushrooms are a powerhouse of health benefits. They've shown promise in regulating blood pressure, glucose levels, and cholesterol, bolstering the immune system, alleviating stress, and even combating certain cancers.

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But don't just take our word for it. The internet is abuzz with testimonials from mushroom enthusiasts worldwide. Our message is gaining momentum, with more and more individuals expressing their appreciation for these fungal wonders.

Embrace the Fungi

So, let go of any reservations about fungi! Embark on a journey through the captivating world of mushrooms with Mushly. Discover firsthand the myriad ways they can enhance your well-being and embrace a new perspective on these remarkable organisms.