Worldwide Shipping

Shipping Mushroom Spores Worldwide - Covid Delays : 14+ Work Days to US

Pls Note!!! Shipping Delays Expected for all order before 3rd September...

We ship to Australia, Japan, Iran, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, You name it. We ship it. 

Covid-19 Update: We can still ship to most countries although we are experiencing some issues shipping to some countries. Please contact us prior to ordering to see if we can ship to you if you are outside the United States, Canada or Australia. Orders received to countries we can not ship to at this time will be held and then shipped when it is possible to do so.

Expect these delivery estamates :
*Note: Average international delivery times range from 4-8 weeks

Orders placed on Saturday's & Sunday's ship on Monday's or Tuesday's

United States 14 - 21 Days ( UPDATE: Orders are arriving in 14 working days or sooner. )
Canada 7 - 14 Days

Inernational Orders Updates
1. We only ship Spore Prints due to distance.
2. Tracking is now required for international orders.

Germany 30+ Days
United Kingdom 30+ Days
Netherlands 30 Days
Australia 30+ Days
Switzerland 30+ Days
Mexico 21+ Days

Should you want delivery updates, please Add Tracking on checkout.

We know you excited for your order to arrive, but :

"Patience is a virtue in life as when cultivating mushrooms" Unknown...