Red Boy Spore Syringe

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12cc Spore Syringe

Introducing the Red Boy Spore Syringe, a special holiday release from all of us at Mushly! Happy Holidays to you! Resurrected from a 20-year-old print, Red Boy showcases short, thick stems and dark caps that often remain partially closed. What makes this strain truly unique is its tendency to drop red-tinted spores, making it an exceptional specimen for research and study.

Classification: Hallucinogenic
Cultivation Difficulty: Easy
Substrates: Equine dung and Enriched soils
Temperature: Subtropical
Strain Origin: Unknown

A Fascinating Origin Story: The Red Boy psilocybe cubensis mushroom boasts a captivating and somewhat mysterious origin. Mycologist RogerRabbit achieved the resurrection of this strain by crossing Red Boy cubensis with Puerto Rico cubensis and rattlesnake venom. This innovative approach breathed new life into a strain thought to have been lost, sparking intrigue among researchers and enthusiasts.

Rediscovered Rarity: Once a popular choice among researchers in the 90s, the Red Boy strain nearly faded into obscurity before its resurrection. Whether through intentional cultivation or accidental discovery, its reappearance has reignited interest in its unique characteristics and potential for exploration.

Distinctive Characteristics: Red Boy mushrooms are distinguished by their large bell-shaped caps and the remarkable trait of dropping red-tinted spores. With their short, thick stems and dark caps, they present a striking appearance that sets them apart from other strains. Their rarity and unique features make them a prized subject for research and experimentation.

Unlocking the Mysteries: Embark on a journey of discovery with the Red Boy Spore Syringe. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or an adventurous enthusiast, this strain promises an enlightening and rewarding experience. Explore the mysteries of Red Boy and uncover the secrets of its fascinating origin and distinctive characteristics.

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