Orissa India Spore Syringe

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12cc Spore Syringe

Introducing the Orissa strain, a mesmerizing discovery originating from the elephant dung-laden landscapes of Orissa, India.

  • Classification: Hallucinogenic
  • Cultivation Difficulty: Moderate
  • Substrates: Elephant dung, Enriched soils
  • Temperature: Subtropical
  • Strain Origin: Orissa, India

Description: With its origins rooted in the lush expanses of Orissa, India, the Orissa strain emerges as a true marvel of nature. Originally found flourishing amidst elephant dung, this strain boasts the potential to yield colossal fruits of unparalleled potency. Embellished with dark purple spores, each viewing experience promises fascination and intrigue. Witness the splendor of nature unfold as the Orissa strain captivates with its awe-inspiring attributes.

Packaging: Your order's packaging is tailored to its contents. Spore prints are discreetly encased within standard envelopes, featuring the return address of M.Prints. Syringes are meticulously secured in small boxes or bubble mailers, labeled as microscopy kits.

Please note: Orissa strain spores are intended solely for microscopy research and taxonomy purposes. Any accompanying images are provided for educational and informational purposes.

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