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About Tasmanian Mushrooms

Tasmanian Mushrooms, a distinguished strain of cubensis, captivate cultivators and enthusiasts alike with their exceptional fruiting ability and impressive stature. With fruits reaching heights of up to 8 inches, adorned with light yellow caps, these mushrooms stand out for their remarkable appearance and robust growth.

Fruiting Excellence

One of the standout features of Tasmanian Mushrooms is their excellent fruiting ability. Cultivators can expect large, tall fruits that defy expectations, making them a favored choice for those seeking bountiful harvests. The impressive size and vigor of these mushrooms make them a prized addition to any cultivation setup.

Optimal Growing Conditions

To thrive, Tasmanian Mushrooms prefer colonization temperatures between 84-86°F and fruiting temperatures ranging from 74-78°F. These temperature ranges provide the ideal conditions for robust growth and prolific fruiting, ensuring cultivators can achieve optimal results with this strain.

Unique Characteristics

Tasmanian Mushrooms exhibit distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other cubensis strains. With tall, slender fruits and small to average-sized caps, they offer a visually striking appearance that adds to their allure. Additionally, the veil tears cleanly away from the cap, leaving behind a dark print, indicative of the strain's quality and maturity.

Cultivation Appeal

For cultivators seeking a reliable and rewarding mushroom cultivation experience, Tasmanian Mushrooms prove to be an excellent choice. Their consistent fruiting ability, impressive stature, and unique characteristics make them a favorite among growers of all levels of experience. Whether cultivating for personal use or commercial purposes, Tasmanian Mushrooms offer a dependable and fruitful journey into the world of mushroom cultivation.


In conclusion, Tasmanian Mushrooms stand as a testament to nature's diversity and the ingenuity of mushroom cultivators. With their exceptional fruiting ability, impressive stature, and unique characteristics, they offer a captivating glimpse into the world of cubensis strains. Whether grown for personal enjoyment or commercial ventures, Tasmanian Mushrooms promise a rewarding and fulfilling cultivation experience for enthusiasts seeking excellence in mushroom cultivation.

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Tall slender fruits with small to average sized caps. Great strain. Average rizopmorphic mycelium. Veil tears cleanly away from the cap and drop a nice dark print.
Reply by Mushly April 01, 2020