Chitwan Nepal Spore Syringe

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12cc Spore Syringe

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Introducing the Chitwan Nepal strain, an extraordinary find nestled amidst the rich biodiversity of elephant or rhino dung.

  • Classification: Hallucinogenic
  • Cultivation Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Substrates: Elephant or rhino dung, Bulk substrates
  • Temperature: Subtropical
  • Strain Origin: Chitwan, Nepal

Description: Discovered in the mystical terrain of Chitwan, Nepal, this remarkable strain emerges as a testament to nature's resilience and creativity. With dense fruits adorned in a vivid blue hue upon bruising, it stands as a beacon of wonder and exploration. Its above-average rizomorphic mycelium speaks volumes of its vigor and adaptability, while its propensity for heavy spore deposition ensures a bountiful harvest. Flourishing on both elephant or rhino dung and bulk substrates, this strain embodies versatility and robustness, making it a sought-after choice among cultivators seeking quality yields.

Packaging: Your order's packaging is customized to its contents. Spore prints are discreetly housed within standard envelopes, featuring the return address of M.Prints. Syringes are meticulously packaged in small boxes or bubble mailers, labeled as microscopy kits.

Please note: Chitwan Nepal strain spores are intended exclusively for microscopy research and taxonomy purposes. Any accompanying images serve as educational and informational references.

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