Ten Reasons to Shop with Mushly

Ten Reasons to Shop with Mushly

Been in the Business for over 10 years

Mushly & partners have been in the spore game for many years, back when there were only a couple others around. We do hear from our customers all the time how they have been ripped off by other sites and how glad they were to have found us. We know our strains, and provide our customers with only the best genetics.


Discreet Shipping

Our shipping is very discreet. Syringes are packaged in sealed food grade plastic and arrive in a plain padded envelope and are labeled only as ‘microscopy kit’ With the return address simply stating the sender as “Earth One”

Spore prints are even more discreet sealed in poly bags, folded in paper and sent just as a standard letter with no indication of what is inside. Which is why we have such a large success rate shipping worldwide.


100% viable guaranteed 

All our spore syringes are guaranteed to contain viable mushroom spores. If not we ship you out another order free of charge.


Guaranteed Arrival of Shipment 

Shipments are guaranteed to arrive in the specified timeframe for your country. If for some reason a shipment doesn’t make it through customs we will reship the order for you.


Largest selection

We offer the largest strain selection of any spore vendor on the internet. With over 30 cubensis strains. 5 exotics, and even edibles like reishi and portobello.


Made in Sterile Lab

All our spore prints from our suppliers and spore syringes are prepared under strict lab conditions in a sterile lab. Making basically all our products contamination free.


Multiple Payment Options.

We currently have many discreet payment options to protect our customers. We accept mail order (cash or international money orders sent through the mail) Bitcoin which is simple to set up and purchase bitcoin to spend on our site and is completely anonymous and credit card options at the checkout.


SSL Secured 

Our site is SSL secured meaning all your personal info is encrypted and safe.


Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide with the exception of US States California, Georgia and Idaho.) Yes this means we can ship to you. We have a great success rate shipping worldwide.


Free stuff 

From time to time we do give our free stuff with our orders sometimes and extra print or a free syringe is just the right way to say thank you to our loyal customers. Who doesn’t love free stuff?