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Very good
by Billy January 12, 2024
Quality product, fast shipping. Great online support.
by Geoff January 12, 2024
Shipped fast, one was damaged in shipping and they replaced it fast. Very happy with mushly.
by Glenn January 10, 2024
Quick shipping, easy process, clean quality spores
by JC December 22, 2023
Good product
by Haha December 03, 2023
Great customer service, always replies to emails quickly and solves any problems! Love the spores as well, great quality. Discrete, fast, and easy.
by Tevin November 15, 2023
Good job
by iReviewedMushly October 31, 2023
Fast, easy, clean. Good quality spores, have had no issues or contam.
by Rip Thorsen October 30, 2023
Really communicative
by Rv October 24, 2023
Had an issue with shipping. I sent an email, got an extremely quick response and an immediate re-ship.
by Duane October 20, 2023
Fast and awesomeness
by Josh September 01, 2023
Wonderful online store
by Erica August 04, 2023
Could not be happier with how easy it has been and shipping was amazing. Thank you
by Mick May 31, 2023
great fast service was very happy with the order and product
by Jak May 29, 2023
Great. Wonderful customer service
by Ashley McGinty May 18, 2023
Easy- fast- discrete
by Steel Fletcher May 11, 2023
So far loving everything about this site. Super informative and spores came in a timely manner. Still in my growth stage so not sure how that will go but loving it so far. I will be ordering again!!
by Betty May 07, 2023
The purchasing process is seamless, I have only had success with my growing and because I’m a novice this would normally be a challenge but thanks to Mushly I am feeling more confident everyday.
by Dawn Banks April 26, 2023
I am very new to mushrooms and this company has made it very EASY and FUN! Shipped next day and arrived very fast. I highly recommend giving this company your trust and business. Good luck and mush love!
by Brandon B April 19, 2023
Fantastic product and shipped at an timely manner. Top notch product with high quality results.
by Nick Elina April 11, 2023
Hard to find, High quality Spores at the lowest price, you can’t beat them, no matter how hard you try!
by Brian Ledbetter April 10, 2023
Highest quality, purest spores, and overall best customer service. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Thanks mushly! Spores came super quick in the mail. Even after getting the wrong strain a quick simple email, and the right strain was on the way! No questions no hassles… this company takes care of their customers. That’s hard to find today. I trust no other website but Mushly for all my mycology needs.
by Alaska mycology research April 02, 2023
This is my second time ordering from mushly! Hands down, the best place to get your spores. They carry a lot of good strains and get them to you fast! The first time I ordered, when my spores arrived they were squeezed out in the bag cause the post office didn’t handle them right or something but no worry, I told mushly about it and they sent me my order again. No problem. The sending time around both the syringes were good and filled. Thank you mushly!
by Xakk March 25, 2023
Unbelievable service and shipping Time was amazing. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Mushly for your outstanding professionalism and timely delivery. Looking forward to the research these produce.
by Alaska mycology research March 21, 2023
by J March 14, 2023
The purchase and delivery process were simple and fast. The spores were lab-grade and performed perfectly. If you are looking for a safe, secure, and trusted company, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
by Agent V March 10, 2023
Great site! Order came on time. Really impressed
by Tod March 08, 2023
Extremely pleased with the speed that I received my first syringe. New to growing, mushrooms in general, and have appreciated all of the helpful information that I have found on the site. Will definitely recommend highly!!
by Chris v March 08, 2023
Mushly has great products and great customer service. My last two strains didn’t develop any mycelium, and I am convinced it’s the grain jars I am using. I’ll be looking for a new source for jars, but definitely not for spores! Mushly rocks!
by Kevin January 22, 2023
Had an issue with shipping. Sent an email and got a reship. Finally received it ! Great product and great communication!
by Vincent T January 12, 2023
High quality, no fuss.
by A Power January 03, 2023
Spores arrived just when expected and in great shape. I did purchase tracking to watch them and it was helpful. The spores may not look like much to the naked eye, but with a little time, patience, and science, your vision will soon be filled with the beauty these little guys truly hold. All you have to do is look a little closer.
by Spore watcher November 17, 2022
Excellent company
by Diane October 23, 2022
You guy are awesome! Thanks again
by Shayne October 20, 2022
Arrived faster than expected, but my spore order mixed up. Would love to see more spores floating around...
by Phil October 07, 2022
The syringe arrived within the time frame that I was given. No contaminates that I could see. Great product, will order from mushly again very very soon
by Maggie October 02, 2022
Great place for good viable spores they look great under the scope!
by Tobey September 27, 2022
Let me give you a 1st timers walk threw lol.... I searched the site found the spores i wanted to study. On purchase i seen where Mushly says "hey its 15 +days on arrival" an that wasnt a lie ordered the 5th got here the 20th on the dot haha. When i opened the package i seen the Golden Teacher has dripped into the bottom of the zip lock packaging it was sent in. Now that said it was not oh all the solution is in the bag its like 4 drops if that nothin to cry about could been done when or if inspected or in transport so not blaming mush what so ever. Over all these spores are nice i took a slide sample to inspect an they are so beautiful.... In Short Order Mushly yo!
by Boboss August 20, 2022
Mushly completely resolved any problem and their commitment to the customer is awesome. I highly recommend Mushly
by Farmer C June 15, 2022
10/10 GT spores were a live and did very in research.
by Zachary June 03, 2022
Prompt shipping ,products were great for my needs
by Quincy Cooper June 02, 2022
Living in Australia our ability to experiment with interesting mushrooms is limited. Mushly has provided a very valuable resource.
by Ken May 26, 2022
very pretty, looking at helped my depression some, even with my shitty microscope.
by who cares May 20, 2022
Very pleased with spore culture. Perfect for microscope research. Extremely happy with service and will be ordering again in the future.
by Mystery May 15, 2022
Pretty reliable information and products 👍
by Ben May 13, 2022
Very good product. I’m the one who messed up and it didn’t produce mushrooms
by Russell Enright May 13, 2022
Never got the first delivery, but when I let them know they sent another over which came through. Great service.
by Theodore March 25, 2022
Shipping was fast, items arrived un damaged and as described. Plan on buying from them again.
by Stammina March 25, 2022
Amazing service and great quality spores thank you!
by Ryan March 25, 2022
Great fast secure site for getting your spores for mycology purposes only!!! Came super fast. WEST WESTTT
by Alexander January 25, 2022
Great spores. Timely shipping
by fafa December 08, 2021
Great tool for innovative research of the microscopic realm of the Earth.
by Raw Shaman October 31, 2021
Great spore provider.. and great timely delivery. I recommend Mushly to everyone wanting to experience growing mushrooms!!!
by James G October 06, 2021
Very fast shipping. Quite pleased.
by Snakeoil October 05, 2021
Everything was fast and efficient!!
by Shae October 05, 2021
The shopping and ordering process was simple and straight forward. No issues with shipping.
by Christopher October 04, 2021
My spores arrived in excellent condition and I was amazed looking at them under a microscope! Shipping took awhile but otherwise Mushly is an amazing vendor
by Spore Scientist October 04, 2021
Shipping was quick and had the spores before everything else that I needed. Unfortunately, I was unable to follow the recipe precisely, and spraying the air, constant attention to germs, etc. had me losing my patience, and my results seem negative, and actually looks dangerous. Can’t use whatever happened, although it smells earthy, no mushrooms have formed, and if they do, wouldn’t use them anyhow. Mushrooms are safe if you know what you’re doing, taking all precautions along the way, but can kill if too sloppy and something grows that proves deadly. I will probably attempt this experiment again, but first want to purchase the product, now that’s a mystery too. Amazing, that something that has been proven to help the human, just like marijuana is suspect as dangerous, rather than affirming that it could help many, myself included. Again, Mushly did an excellent job shipping the product without problem, and eventually will try to be successful another time.
by Randy October 04, 2021
My only complaint was it came normal shipping so I had tracking number. But, other than that I am very pleased and will be buying again
by Donnie October 04, 2021
Order was messed up but it got fixed quickly..thanks for the help
by Tony October 04, 2021
Website is easy to navigate and great selection. My order was delivered quickly and I am satisfied with my purchase! Thank you!
by Z October 04, 2021
They were delivered very quickly and I was extremely happy with the product. Thanks so much!!! I will be using this in the future and sharing this with my loved ones.
by Penny July 17, 2021
I ordered a combination of syringes and prints over the last year and on every order Mushly shipped fast and communicating was pleasant and very professional ~ kudos to all staff :-) Also has a great selection, many ways to pay...
by A June 25, 2021
Absolutely wonderful product and wonderful customer service
by camille June 24, 2021
I found mushy to be very professional, the site is easily navigated and full with very helpful pictures as well as information of their vast stock of merchandise. Im gratefully to have found this company, safe, discrete, as well as great prices.
by Jared June 21, 2021
I ordered my first syringe from them and all I can say is the shipping was way faster than expected! I was very pleasantly surprised.
by Madison June 21, 2021
Ordered from South East Asia and got my prints in less than 2 weeks later! Tip top service. Thanks!
by Arvind June 20, 2021
Great service! Everything went smoothly.
by Kevin June 19, 2021
Awesome spores. The syringes came well packaged and loaded full of spores. I will definitely be a repeat customer!. Thanks Mushly!
by Richard June 19, 2021
Great company. The customer service was amazing They were fully communicative and friendly. Just a great experience even with the shipping I would definitely recommend giving them a go
by Eathen June 19, 2021
Great product, decent prices, great store/site!
by PSYCHO June 18, 2021
Shipping was fast which is very important when buying spores because Heat can destroy the spores great quality will be buying from them again
by Rich June 18, 2021
The spores I’ve purchased from Mushly include Golden Teacher, B+, PE6, and John Allen. Every single syringe of spores was of great quality. I only wish that there were shipping discounts when purchasing multiple syringes. Highly recommend!
by Andrea June 18, 2021
Fast shipping. Downlow packaging. A very pleasant experience. Will use again soon
by MongoTheLloyd June 18, 2021
I love it!!! Cannot wait to order again!!!
by Tara June 18, 2021
Love the website very easy to navigate! Easy and quality products for good price, what more could you ask for?
by pimpdaddyweswes June 18, 2021
Amazing site and company! I am extremely pleased with the results and look forward to ordering again soon! Thanks!
by Valerie June 18, 2021
I ordered two different sets of spores and within a week both arrived. Both strains have performed very well with no issues. Very satisfied, and highly recommended vendor.
by A June 18, 2021
So far I have ordered Puertorican and Indian mushrooms, secure discreet shipping. I will definitely be ordering from them again. Thank you for being reliable!
by MushyG June 18, 2021
Their customer service is exactly what you want in customer service. Prompt, polite, and so so helpful. And on top of that, their spores are top notch. One of those rare companies that I actually like giving my $ to. They are the best ☺️
by Jessica June 18, 2021
Ordering from Canada The spore syringe of Golden Teachers had a very nice tint to it showing the abundance spores present. The 150 stained slides I made sold VERY quickly. Viewing with microscope shows slides were populated very effectively. But there is another part of this story. After making all my slides I rinsed off all my equipment and tossed the dish tub of water on my garden. A week later I mulched my garden with a couple inches of aged horse manure and straw. I covered this with another couple inches of straw. Almost 2 and a half months later my garden looked like something out of a sci-fi movie with these huge mushrooms coming up everywhere. On average they were all about 5-8 inches tall and 3-5 inch wide caps. This was all by accident. Just wish I could share the pictures. It goes to show you that old saying still stands to this day. SOMETIMES GREAT DISCOVERIES ARE MADE BY BIG MISTAKES. Will I order again? You bet... Very excellent product, Very fast delivery and definitely got my monies worth and then some.
by Moki June 18, 2021
Super happy with our spores. It did take a while to get here but customer service was on top of things and corrected the issue promptly.
by Krista June 18, 2021
Total Beginner Here. Everything was super easy to order, selection is great, and delivery was smooth. Looking forward to seeing how things go the first time around. Thanks Mushly
by Beginners Luck June 18, 2021
Fast great spore love this company ! Did a great job
by Dakota June 18, 2021
I had a great experience with my spore purchase from Mushly. I have ordered spores from many other places and I plan to keep ordering from Mushly. Highly recommended! :-)
by Angie June 18, 2021
I had a great experience. Purchase was easy. My spores came in a timely manner and I had zero contamination with 100% colonization with my rye and grain jars. So far I haven’t had I better experience Yet and have tryed 3 other suppliers.
by Bruce June 18, 2021
Contacted Mushly and one of their amazing customer service people forwarded me a link to a video that got me on track. Smooth sailing from then on out, happy days!
by Crypto Corgi June 18, 2021
Top tier product with top tier service. Expect nothing less!
by Rock Kickass June 18, 2021
Absolutely stunned with the quality spores from these guys! Looks great under the scope!
by Tim June 18, 2021
Fantastic customer service and products was top notch. Great company and most certainly will purchase from you again!
by christopher June 18, 2021
Product arrived as described and in a timely fashon.
by Adam June 18, 2021
Great experience with Mushly! Spores arrived quickly.
by Bradley June 18, 2021
I am very happy with my purchase from Mushly. Everything was delivered on time and was the highest quality. My spores are developing as I watch them with a careful eye under a microscope. I will definitely use them again.
by Wez June 18, 2021
I have ordered from Mushly over 5 times and have never been disappointed once. This brand is really great passionate at what they do and the customer service is great. All spores ordered were clean and everything else was sterile. I highly recommend and will continue to shop from Mushly!
by somekd June 18, 2021
Amazing, love this site and the people who run it. Best delivery and information for a beginner like me. Thank you again
by Mike June 18, 2021
Superb products, and a great team working to make sure orders are sent out immediately. Glad to have found this great resource!
by Caleb June 18, 2021
Superb products, and a great team working to make sure orders are sent out immediately. Glad to have found this great resource!
by Caleb June 18, 2021
Amazing deal! Easy recommendation to anyone looking to get into mycology.
by Shawn June 18, 2021
Awesome spores great price thank you mushly for the great experience
by Angus June 18, 2021
Great service and products.
by Bryan June 18, 2021
Great products and service. Had 1 bad sample out of many and it was pleasantly replaced asap. Thanks Mushly!!
by Erik the Viking June 10, 2021
Great company. The customer service was impeccable. They followed up with me until my issue was resolved. They were fully communicative and friendly. Just a great experience even with the shipping delays we had. Looking forward to using my product. I would definitely recommend giving them a try!
by M May 19, 2021
I received the penis envy spores, timely. These spores on the agar dish looked red and did not see any rhizomorphic growth. I also inoculated 6, 1/2 pint jars, 3 became fully colonized the other 3 about 80-90 % colonized. I got a good harvest from the first three jars. HOWEVER THESE ARE NOT PENIS ENVY mushrooms. They look nothing like the photos. Has anybody else had this problem?
by Kite March 15, 2021
Thank you Very Mushly! You guys are great! Very professional and prompt! I put in one order as a November first. Then I registered and made a order.... At the height of the Christmas season! Just to see, I then got both in two weeks on the same day! Wow! From Canada no doubt! You will have my business for a longtime to come.
by M February 26, 2021
Great Customer Service. Fast Delivery. Excellent Products. Thank you.
by Q February 23, 2021
Shipping was good time. That had the spores that I want in stock. But the reason that I will be a future customer is their excellent customer service!!! Fast and friendly response!!! Thank You very much Mushly!!!
by TJ Moose February 16, 2021
Thank you for a simple transaction done well! I did do a Google review as well and wanted to do one here too. Early delivery = Awesome! Great selection = Very Nice! Will definitely buy again = Absolutely! Thanks again for all of that and I will recommend you to anyone I know who may be interested. Have a great day and stay safe! M.H., Detroit, Mi
by Michael February 13, 2021
Received two syringes in a timely matter.
by FatBat516 February 13, 2021
Great prices and shipping got to me in the said time with 2 snow delays. Awesome already ordered again!
by Fineen February 12, 2021
At first my sample syringes look like I bought sea water in a syringe but was very happy that my petri dishes colonized quickly 9 out of 10 were uncontaminated and have cloned my 1st syringe for the past year. So I would say I got a good sample from Mushly. Thank you
by jonas February 12, 2021
Thanks for having convenient shipping
by YungkelVEVO February 12, 2021
The B+ and space coast never molded for me. The golden teacher and penis envy did. Great spores. Will be buying more soon.
by Israel February 12, 2021
Mushy provides great strains, fast shipping, and high quality (clean) products. I have successfully received two different orders and could not be happier.
by Garrett February 12, 2021
Treasure Coast spores for microscopy study arrived within a week. Beautiful and bountiful specimens. Great for a long study.
by William February 12, 2021
All good so far and next day my order was shipped out.
by Skinny February 12, 2021
Love the spores! Reliable and fast service, couldn’t be happier with my purchases.
by Clair February 11, 2021
So Happy to find this company. Not many will ship to the CNMI. Looking forward to developing a nice collection from Mushly
by C February 11, 2021
After have some doubts, I gave in and ordered a syringe, oh man how awesome mushly products are. I even ordered a second one, I’ve recently picked up mycology and if you’re starting or a veteran, this spores are great quality and price. I’ve had some beautiful fruits !
by Rogue February 11, 2021
Their spore have been spot on! Getting great flushes with multiple strains like Malabar B+and penis envy wow... thanks for the fun, I love science!
by John February 11, 2021
Great company, Spores are great. Had one incident where a syringe came broken/spilled and they quickly replied to my email and sent me a new one same day. Would recommend to any Mycologist out there.
by Andrew February 11, 2021
So to start I was skeptical about the spores because I couldn’t see anything in the syringe. But as soon as Inoculated I became even more skeptical cause it was a month and I hadn’t seen any mycelium growth. But as with all mycology I was patient and a couple months in I saw superb growth and was quite impressed! Then went from there, grain spawn to bulk sub and they grew! I got multiple flushes! And my strong lasted a very long time! Very impressed quite impressed by mushly! I was told only go through a reputable spore dealer and they just became a great source of excellent spores in my book!
by Jake whall February 11, 2021
The service is easy. Only trouble is the stock. Other than that I am pleases and will continue to order from here
by James February 11, 2021
Shipping was extremely fast and all the samples looked great under the scope. I even had to do a small address correction after purchase and Mushly got back to me immediately. Having so much fun observing spores! So far GT has been my fave. Will definitely order again & again. Already recommended to a friend who has 100% positive feedback as well. Can’t wait for new strains like the purple mystics!
by S February 11, 2021
First off I’m simply amazed with how quick my order arrived. Very discreet shipping, and my purchased order was beyond my expectations. Whosoever orders from Mushly will be amazed at the level of professionalism, along with the largest (IN STOCK) varieties on the internet without a doubt! And last but not least they accept PayPal, how much more comfort can anyone ask for!! This place gets beyond 5 Stars from me. Certainly my # 1 place to shop considering this hobby. Thank you all so much, I’m forever grateful for finding Mushly!
by Mojomyco February 11, 2021
Nothing but beautiful success.I will not buy from any other vendor.
by Jason February 11, 2021
This is the first experience with this company and I am extremely impressed! The syringes when they came were teaming with spores!!! Thank you very much.
by Carolyn February 11, 2021
Spores seemed clear but this is my first time researching, so I’m excited to see the results! Shipping was quick and discreet!
by Nicholas February 11, 2021
I had received my first syringe of spores in less than two weeks in the U.S. Packaging was excellent but somehow the plunger had worked loose and spilled out. I reported the incident and they had a new one mailed out that day. Thanks Mushly!
by Midwest_4201 February 11, 2021
They make and send reliable products
by Kris February 11, 2021
Mushly is an excellent source for reviews and syringes. Easy to use, very user friendly, and has a real community vibe for information. I always check Mushly first!
by Eli February 11, 2021
I love the quality of products and the variaty of spores. The shipping is real fast and customer service is always there to help you with your needs. No problems shipping to Canada!!!!
by Kyle February 11, 2021
Site is streamlined and informative. Easy to navigate to right what I wanted. Will definitely recommend to friends.
by Daniel February 11, 2021
Everything was good. I wish a tracking number was included.
by Drew February 11, 2021
Perfect from ordering to growing. Great service and great product!
by Brian February 11, 2021
Great spores. The shipping took about a week and a half but that’s expected with the busy season. Even though it’s been -30F outside my spores survived the cold and are very viable from what I’ve seen so far. Good price and product, and the website has a lot of good shroom info. Will buy again.
by Jugs888 February 11, 2021
Excellent product. It was very hard to find someone to ship to my location, Mushly is the only company I found. Product was delivered within the month, which was very nice! The videos on their website are also very informative and gave me confidence. I will for sure be buying more from Mushly!
by Morgan February 11, 2021
Thanks for the spores!
by Thomas February 11, 2021
Love the amount of selection with🥰. Will return for sure⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
by Carl February 11, 2021
Great quality and worth the wait!!
by logan February 11, 2021
Excellent products!
by Christopher February 11, 2021
Received three specimens for research and am extremely happy. Shipping took a bit but this was during the Christmas frenzy.
by Charlotte February 11, 2021
Got prompt shipping on a PE6 syringe that I ordered. Unfortunately that one was dirty BUT mushly quickly replaced the syringe with a new clean sample with no questions asked. I would recommend to any hobbyist.
by John February 11, 2021
Fast shipping. Syringe came intact and strain is growing strong. Gonna be ordering again!
by Schmenneth February 11, 2021
Had a great experience with Mushly. Just ordered my PE spores. Everything is fresh, clean and ready to research.
by BToady February 11, 2021
Quick shipping and accepting PayPal is nice 😊 so far so good! Looks good!
by Ray February 11, 2021
Got the pink buffalo and is beautiful. Great job mushy!!!
by Mr.GoodFellow February 11, 2021
Wonderful customer support. There was a delay with my order and they sent another straight away!
by Curtains February 11, 2021
Order took a little while, no problem for me though. Good packaging. This company is great for so many reasons, including quality. Plus- they take PayPal! I’m a loyal customer.
by RHoff February 11, 2021
Great prices for quality strains. It was my first time cultivating and it all went smoothly. They also came early.
by deadage February 11, 2021
Fast shipping! Everything’s looking good! Thanks a bunch!
by Renee February 11, 2021
Mushly is the best place online no doubt about it to get all your wonderful mushroom products. They always work for us and mushly is very honest and reliable. You cannot go wrong with mushly. I only trust mushly!
by Barbara Sargent February 11, 2021
The best and easiest site I have used. Would recommend (:
by salik February 11, 2021
I ordered from Mushly and a few other suppliers and received my spores from Mushly before the others providers even shipped. 5 stars. Good work.
by Drew February 11, 2021
Syringes arrived fast and customer service was good. Cant complain
by Nolan February 11, 2021
Awesome business, 100% recommend to anyone. Quick shipping and turnaround time. Very good syringes.
by aidan February 11, 2021
IT WORKED!!!!!!! Takes a while to arrive but worth the wait! Just like the SPORES!!!!!!
by Corky February 11, 2021
I had a great experience with mushly. Good quality syringes and timely business. Could not ask for more! Great selection of varieties and descriptions. Cannot wait to use them again!
by Tn February 11, 2021
Super fast shipping and great product. Will buy from them in the future.
by MartyW February 11, 2021
I have bought spores twice from this site and both times I have had no issues at all with anything I recommend this site
by Matt February 11, 2021
Quick turn around time, just great all around contact too!
by Lana February 11, 2021
All mush love love love mushly
by Mush Man February 11, 2021
Great service, product shipped fast and was very professional and ended in a great experience.
by Richard February 11, 2021
Always fast shipping and great customer service. Would highly recommend
by Discerning February 11, 2021
Awesome Spores
by chris February 11, 2021
Very nice
by Matthew February 11, 2021
Super easy to order and shipped and delivered fast. Will definitely order again.
by Matthew February 11, 2021
Thank you guys so much at mushly!!! You customer service is stellar and products are top notch!!! Great company and most certainly purchase from you again! Mush love and many blessings 🙏🏻🍄🙏🏻
by G February 11, 2021
Delivery was pretty fast during holidays and pandemic. Spores worked great. Already ordered a different species to research next.
by Kelvin February 11, 2021
Spores arrived quickly and sterile. Will definitely order again. Thank you!
by Mike February 11, 2021
Very easy to order, payment was a breeze, and order was shipped quickly. First time ordering from Mushy.
by Jeff February 11, 2021
Where do I start? Not only do they take PayPal but these strands are strong and they came very fast. Definitely will purchase again.
by Tierra February 11, 2021
Good folks
by Paul February 11, 2021
Great sample! Shipment took a while, no tracking info available but overall a great purchase for research.
by Taylor February 11, 2021
Wow great sample! Came so fast!
by Cory February 11, 2021
Easy ordering process and enjoying the fun of waiting to see what will happen.
by Ivo February 11, 2021
I highly recommend Mushly to all my fellow spore collectors, my packaged came in fast and was at my door in a matter of days, Thank you for your time and spore on!
by Aiden February 11, 2021
The first sample that I got came frozen and half of it was expelled in the bag, I had a brand new one here within seven days it’s already taken off in the first five days of planting quality product fast shipping I can’t wait for my other ones to get here!
by Hank shank February 11, 2021
Solid company. I will be ordering again from them real soon!
by Klaus February 04, 2021
"I ordered a spore syringe from Mushly and unfortunately received a product with a minor contaminant. After emailing Mushly telling them what I received, they sent me a replacement syringe, FREE OF CHARGE. I am very impressed with the prompt communication and understanding on their part. Their customer service was top notch and I will, no doubt, be a loyal customer in the future."
by Marie February 04, 2021
I cannot believe how responsive the folks at Mushly were! I had some trouble with not receiving my order and they responded the same day. They provided all the information I needed and offered to make the order right if I did not receive my cubes. Outstanding Customer Service. Outstanding products.
by Daniel February 04, 2021
I’m quite pleased thus far with the customer service, their efforts to make sure I got what I ordered went above and beyond expectations. I look forward to a successful harvest, hopefully the product will be as great as the service... Peace, Love, Blessings and Enlightenment to Y’all
by Guen February 04, 2021
I absolutely love Mushly. Good prices and completely legit products.
by White Fingers Farmer February 02, 2021
Thanks for the review, only your first name will show... You can also change display name in user settings...
by Mushly December 24, 2020
Big fan of Mushly, thanks for the great support:)
by Magic Mushroom December 23, 2020