About Red Boy Mushrooms

This is quite a special strain, and it was recovered by combining various different spores together until the desired result was obtained. Its main characteristic is its beautiful red, darkish cap that makes it a quite interesting mushroom. Red Boy is one of the best strains for those that don't have much experience with mushrooms, as their effect is much softer than many other strains; ity's not that intense and can be softly visual. Like always, remember that these kits are designed and sold for mycological study purposes only.

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Red Boy Shrooms
It has short thick stems and a dark cap that often doesn’t fully open. This Strain is unique in that it drops red tinted spores
by Magic Mushroom October 19, 2020
Great Big Red
The Red Boy is a great Magic Mushroom, which is very rewarding. He gives big fruits and good flushes.
by Magic Mushroom October 19, 2020