About Pink Buffalo Mushrooms

Strain Specifications

Another great strain from Thailand; locals say it’s good luck to see a pink buffalo – we think if you are seeing pink buffaloes it’s probably a pretty good day! In nature this strain requires more light and other specimen. They also thrive in a very humid climate, similar to that of Thailand.

This strain fruits very large, broad caps, that are dark reddish-brown with thick stems (stipes). Heavy sporulation, aggressive colonization, and resistance to contamination make this a great species for cultivators.
by Mushly September 27, 2023
Pink Buffalo is another strain discovered in 1990 by the famous John Allen, aka Mushroom John, on one of his many forays to Thailand. Speaking years later, John says he discovered the psilocybe cubensis strain in a rice paddy where a single Pink Buffalo was grazing.
by Mushly September 27, 2023
Discovered by John Allen