About Penis Envy Mushrooms

Strain Specifications

These mushrooms are characterized by their mutant penis like appearance. They are typically thick, gnarly stemmed mushrooms with a bulbous cap that only somtimes separates from the stem, at least with the true genetics. We have seen tons of fables and stories of how this particular strain originated, but it is our opinion that no one really knows. If you look around you will see images of what people call penis envy.

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Shrooms saved my life
I would like to share my story of using shrooms for the first time ever but you must know my backstory. I was born to a teen parent, always struggling since I was a child, my mom could not pay for a licensed babysitter so in turn I was always going to random peoples houses to be looked after. Ages 6-14 I was always sexually abused by the people who were supposed to be looking and caring after me. This caused me to have severe depression, severe anxiety, and to be extremely anti social. I never went to therapy, we could never afford it. All my life after the sexual abuse and also the physical and verbal abuse from my own mother, it made me self harm and want to always kill myself. I tried 3 times before I turned 16. God wanted me to live so those attempts failed. My mom was never supportive ever. I had to tell myself to get good grades, to pass my classes and to graduate high school. I basically raised myself. My entire life has been a shit hole. I would cry every night until I was 18. I met a gentlemen who showed me what it’s like to be loved. I never knew what real love was. I finally opened up another my past to him and he listened. 5 months before I turned 22 he sat me down and told me about the benefits shrooms can give you. I was very hesitant as I think if it is illegal I will not consume it. He convinced me to try it just once: I did. I took the shrooms 6 days ago. I do not cry anymore. I do no zone out like I always would and go to “the bad place”, just my brain replaying all the abuse in my head from the past, it went AWAY. Now when I do zone out, I simply daydream about happy things. I can get out of bed every morning without thinking to myself “well if I kill myself I don’t have to get out of bed”. Shrooms has saved my life. Please, if you have troubles, this can seriously help you. Tomorrow will make one week where all the depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts have gone away. Even just once , can maybe save your life too.
by Mushly July 09, 2020
Potent strain
One of the most potent strains available – and rumoured to be engineered by the Sempai of Psychonauts, Terence McKenna
by Mushly July 09, 2020
Terence Mckenna
Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.
by Mushly July 09, 2020