About Columbian Rust Mushrooms

Strain Specifications

Columbian rust shooms (psilocybe cubensis colombian) are triply as volcano hell. After thirty minutes, the walls are starting to bend. You’re watching them dance around you, a glowing red heat behind them that you can’t quite understand. You go up and touch one, and your hand begins to glow deep red.

The unique spore colour and exceptionally powerful effects of the psilocybe cubensis Colombian Rust stand out in the world of mushrooms. The slightly longer grow time for a proportionally more heavy experience is good value for money. Large caramel coloured caps contain a worthy amount of psilocybin that will bring joy to the most experienced aficionado.
by Magic Mushroom March 31, 2023
Origin: Colombia Cap: 20-50 mm, Caramel brown when the mushroom matures, Stem: 40 -100 mm, medium ot large in size, bruises green blue when touched Spores: Clay brown to red brown, 11.5–17 x 8–11 µm, subellipsoid, basidia 4-spored Substrate: PF Tek and BRF, Rye grain, Straw and Dung Trivia: The Colombian Red Spore is a mutated P. cubensis strain with brownish red spores instead of the normal dark purplish-black spore color.
by Magic Mushroom March 31, 2023