About Alacabenzi Mushrooms

Strain Specifications

Alacabenzi Psilocybe cubensis is a world class mushroom. This is certainly one of our all time favorites to study. The mushrooms are gigantic in the wild, and produce very beautiful, symmetric shaped mushrooms. This high performing strain is said to be a cross between the strains mexican cubensis, and alabama cubensis. While mexican is known for its strength and spiritual aspects, alabama is known for its size. Alacabenzi appears to have gotten the best of both worlds.

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The strain
Alacabenzi Cubensis is an ideal choice for novice users, who prefer practicing caution with a potent and intense hallucinogenic journey. It is said that this mushroom can deliver effects that are similar to the effects of strong cannabis edibles. But it is recommended for first-time users to preferably be at home while they experiment with finding their optimal dosage because of its ability to impact balance and cause a deep body stoned effect.
by Magic Mushroom July 09, 2020
Alacabenzi Cubensis, in smaller doses, can provide relaxing body and cerebral sensations, while higher doses can produce a more powerful twisting of balance.
by Magic Mushroom July 09, 2020
My favorite strain
Psilocybe Cubensis, Alacabenzi is My favorite strain of cubensis to date. This strain is said to be a hybrid of a strain found in Alabama, and Mexican. Alacabenzi is very easy to cultivate, flushes very well, and produces some towering mushrooms. They will make you feel like you are master, even if it it is your first grow, right from the syringe.Studying them is very enjoyable, light and bright. Very visual, a must have for anyone IMO.
by Magic Mushroom July 09, 2020