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Diary of a Fungi: Experiencing Ceremony

Wow, that was a hard journey. Often times it works in a most mysterious way and can actually make things even more difficult, well worth it, but...

By Mushly. 16 November 2023

Diary of a Fungi: Preparing for Ceremony

How I prepared for a heros' dose ceremony. The simple guide to doing it right for yourself.

By Mushly. 16 November 2023

Rivalry or healthy competition?

We live in a time where “it is a dog-eat-dog world”, is thrown around everywhere, is that level of rivalry a healthy form of competition?

By Mushly. 08 November 2023

Diary of a Fungi: The Psilocin Symphony Continues

Here we delve into what Psilocin is doing in the body, and just why this is so amazing

By Mushly. 06 November 2023

Diary of a Fungi: Safe Exploration with Psilocybin's Symphony: Part One of Our Adventure

Everyone wonders, not all who wander are lost, so what is the safest way to wander in wonder with the wondrous psilocybin mushrooms

By Mushly. 06 November 2023

Anguish, why do I need to feel bad?

In the age of cliches and gags, it can be a real anguish to admit that, they are right.

By Mushly. 31 October 2023

We are living in a wellness revolution

We live with the opportunity to tap into more superfoods, yoga practices, and alternative therapies than ever before. With all the potential, a big...

By Mushly. 31 October 2023

Healing in the body, what, how & why haven’t I done it?

So we are learning that we are really great conduits of healing energy, based on the processes of physical healing, energetic healing, emotional...

By Mushly. 28 October 2023

The Sensations of Anxiety, and What can be done?

So anxiety seems to be an all too-present piece of the day and age. We are seeing that roughly 4 in 10 people are struggling with anxiety. Something...

By Mushly. 25 October 2023