About Wollongong Mushrooms

This strain originates in the Illawarra escarpment near the city of Wollongong, Australia. The Illawarra escarpment is the mountain range west of a narrow coastal plain south of Sydney, enclosing the region known as the Illawarra which stretches from Stanwell Park in the north to Kiama, Gerringong and the Shoalhaven river in the south. The hills of the plateau reach over 400 m and may drop abruptly to the coast. The Wollongong strain tends to be very aggressive. The pinset is very even. First and second flush fruits tend to be the largest. What's very remarkable about this strain is the color of the caps, which are a beautiful almond-like color. You can even see the edges of the caps have stripes. Very different from other strains.

This strain was initially discovered in the vicinity of Wollongong, a city located in southeastern Australia near Sydney. It is believed to have been found at the bottom of an escarpment, a steep slope or cliff-like formation, in a shaded area. Although the exact details of the strain\'s discovery, cultivation, and distribution remain unclear, it has been circulating within the Australian market for several decades. The Wollongong strain has become a popular choice among amateur cultivators throughout the country. However, it was not well-known or discussed in the United States, Canada, or Europe until recently. The strain gained attention in the international mushroom community due to its resistance to contamination and its ability to colonize aggressively. As a result, the spores of the Wollongong strain made their way across borders and entered the North American market. The Wollongong strain is gradually increasing in popularity due to its desirable qualities, such as easy cultivation and good yields. However, the genetics of this strain are not widely available, with only one or two reliable vendors currently offering Wollongong strain spore samples.
by Mushly February 22, 2024