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The innocence within our path of the unknown

By Mushly.

Published on 14 December 2023

Much of what we have experienced is just the first course, so to speak, of our life, and we only begin to get to know ourselves more deeply as we encounter and grow more through each moment. Yet the ways that we moved in our simpler forms are key pointers to the ways we are always becoming. 


The Uncharted Territories of Life


Uncertainties abound in a time when we have known more than ever before, a compelling look at just how varied and incredible life can be. Only when we get an inkling of what is there can we accurately form a scope of what we have no awareness around. 


This can very frequently cause large levels of despair and concern as if we cannot track and analyze every potential pattern, we may be caught by surprise and completely unaware of what the best ways to move forward are. 


Yet within this unknown space, we have all the opportunity to truly become more of ourselves, as we venture into what has been described as the unconscious we can see the potentials that avail themselves to us. As codes and potentials that we can choose to download and upload. These are unfolding at unique rates as we continue to learn better to navigate the progress and process of our lives. 


I think of our lives as a mosaic we are constantly creating, collaboratively with life, so that each moment is a potential and we are constantly choosing how we relate to this. This anchors a theme that we can follow the picture, ideal, feeling that most excites us, in every moment, so that we can allow ourselves to unfold in a more wholesome and beneficial way. In the manner that we get to become more of ourselves through the natural expansion of our inherent joy. Again this touches on innocence and the fact that we are truthfully in this experience to best learn how to become and actualize throughout that process. 


The only way that we can become more in touch with this experience is as we allow ourselves to become more and more through each moment. Meaning we need to feel and go deeply into the unknown and allow ourselves to feel it, completely and with a great level of surrender.


The Psychedelic Experience as a Metaphor


We are always presented with the opportunity to experience more of what we have situated on the outskirts of our reality, the parts that we have put away from who we identify with. These parts are ever-present, however, we become desensitized to those experiences and pieces. Yet as we allow ourselves to venture back inside and become adept at navigating them, we begin to see the moment.

The light from within allows us a momentary glimpse of the structure, of why the experiences we keep attracting are arising, and what we get to do about them.

I’m particularly prone to seeing that they arise for us to surrender to their experience. It is a transitory happening that is occurring through us, allowing us to expand beyond their current stuckness. In truth, this can often be uncomfortable, for one main reason.
We become attached to the idea of ourselves.

This idea, something we solidify, again and again, puts a stopper on our true creative freedom and expression of our essence. 


The psychedelic experience found in mushrooms is an example of a means to create a certain level of separation from this attachment, the ethereal floating feeling as the chains of identity become a little less solid and the drifting possibility of simply being is now present.

This provides the opportunity to examine the internal structures, the parts, and pieces of self, that have become a key part and piece of self. That in turn allows for the opportunity to become more aware and free within self. 


These insights may seem fleeting, but when done in a healthy set setting may allow you to get to some key pivotal points of awareness as you see the way that you exist and become aware of potential ways to exit that habit pattern of mind. 


Embracing the Unknown for Personal Growth


The brain has a high tendency to look at the unknown as the end of the world, as the point that you as an individual being dissolve and cease to be. This is a key point in the process of living, to die. Yet we see it as an ending, a complete annihilation, and forget that what ceases to be, never really was.

As such this key point, is uncertain, we are unaware of what may be there, but we have a general bearing and direction, which means that we have the opportunity to expand beyond it.

If we have something that is completely out of bounds, then permitting ourselves to venture there, allows us to move out of the stuckness we feel and learn to see how we can become more wholly ourselves. 


These points of resistance, when moved through, allow for a greater level of ease, resilience, and adaptability to be birthed. Much like resistance increases the yield of a plant, we are learning ways to dive into spaces where there is nutrition and that allows us to grow significantly.


Many people that have so-called “made it”, have echoed a similar sentiment, “Follow your bliss”, “Go with your gut” & “Listen to your heart”. All of these speak to listening to your intuitive element, which quite simply, is the part that has a better understanding of the unknown and is doing its best to help us navigate and create with that path in mind.


In retrospect, all of their stories make complete sense and seem like absolute no-brainers, yet at the moment they seem completely nonsensical, however, the unknown is a far better ally than the known, many times.


Insights from Psychedelic Journeys


Mushrooms help in the process of internal work, but it is truthfully the choice to continue to become, to show up and get dirty that is most needed, that is the real way to move into the driver's seat. 

I experienced an underlying level of depression all my life, nothing major to be noticed, but enough of an impact that I never really felt true happiness, joy, or peace. I didn’t even really know that, but I had tried therapy and working with it that way, but never really found the benefit I was secretly hoping for. 


Mushrooms helped me recognize some of my more ingrained patterns, the known and provided a doorway to the unknown that I could be more aware of and learn to integrate.

One I am still integrating is the idea of continued practice, of routine and structure, beneficially, as I have a natural tendency to rebel completely against these, yet also see benefit and health through them.

A key here is that they simply highlight the path, it is then important to do the work and take things step by step. This will always be the way to move forward, to become, and to actualize wholly. As you learn to release many of the ways that you have felt stuck, you will learn to live present in your now moment. Here is when the challenge begins, as you may have a system that works, but there may be a continuing will to look deeper into everything and want to find something more interesting, captivating, and shiny. 


Here is where the work in slowing down, being mindfully present, and listening to your internal guidance is key.

What is the most important mystery for you to focus on?

How can you do this?
What does that feel like?


The Role of Surrender in Navigating the Unknown


Surrender is a very important concept to see and align with in this journey. There has been a big increase in awareness of intention setting, which is amazing and truly magical, underneath all of that is surrender. To surrender to what is appearing, what was put in the pipeline who knows how long ago, knowing that it is simply playing out. The surrender to that is not to make it a reality, but instead stop trying to run from it. This is the path of allowing ourselves to become more truthfully and wholly ourselves.

The great secret is that your fears are counterproductive, learning to relinquish them is the key to moving beyond them and that allows us the freedom to get to be more of ourselves.


There seems to be a divine balance in these processes as you allow your expression and being to be, learning to balance this internally with the idea that you are also an unfolding artwork, that this is the path of release in the process of existing. 


So allow yourself the freedom to dive into what is happening, balanced with the focus to see what you enjoy about that and want to continue to learn and align with. 


A great way to think about surrender is, how much can you hold? Not on a physical level, but on a level of what is uncomfortable, of that which specifically stretches you?

Learning to look deeper and more at these parts is what allows us to get to be more and more of ourselves. This is the space we exist in and ultimately get to as we become more ourselves.

Be inquisitive, if you feel something, why do you feel it?
Be the scientist observing yourself as to what is in the test tube.




If we always live our lives as we have, we will continue to create and experience the results we always have, only we have the power to choose a different path and ultimately surrender to that experience.


Uncertainties serve as the nutrition upon which we get to fully experience and live as ourselves. 


I invite you to curiously venture into yourself and make it a habit to continue to check back in, more and more each day, allowing yourself to be amazed at the experience as it unfolds.