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The transformative practice of letting go.

By Mushly.

Published on 06 December 2023

Understanding Letting Go


Now I am sure that when the words, “Let it go”, are uttered in a sentence, we all tend to have the same riff enter our head. Giving us a perfect opportunity to let it go. Jokes aside, it really does serve as a good tool in the kit of what it means and how can I engage with it.

Now, when it comes to release, there are many areas that this can be done in, such as emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, etc. Pretty much you name the area and there is a holistic view of releasing whatever is in question. As such there are lots of different ways that ultimately look then. From the mental of letting a thought go, to emotionally letting a passing feeling subside, to even physically letting the beautiful donut you saw go uneaten. It all boils down to releasing something, that for the most part, would be unhealthy to add to your now moment. 



In short, all of the above-mentioned pieces are attachments, something in life to which we have some form of an attachment. There is a relationship, which can be healthy to unhealthy, but between us is a relation that helps maintain a certain status quo. Things continue to operate the same way because they are related in the same way.


For example, say you have been running for 5 years, you run every day, and you run hard. However you only got into running as a side activity, you never really wanted it to be anything major. Yet here you are 5 years later. The attachment you have to that original pair of shoes is tied to the relationship you have towards running. It may very well be time to replace them, however, if you do so, that may contribute to changing your perspective of your relationship with running. This would, after 5 years, be highly beneficial, yet it may still be difficult to allow yourself to do.


Emotionally you are also failing to allow yourself to develop beyond where you have been. A relationship that stays the same for 5 years, doesn’t seem to have much steam, there should be organic growth and change. There should be a reworking. There should be life. A great way for this to occur is for the approach to change and to allow some level of a shift to occur internally. Beneficially, that is facilitated by allowing that change to happen externally. IE, get rid of the old pair of shoes and invest in a new pair.


Better yet, donate them to someone who will appreciate even those battered shoes.


As the letting go is undertaken, it opens space for a new pair of shoes to enter. Now this pair of shoes is much more than a pair of shoes, it is an indicator of the relationship you have with a part of yourself. Are you going to invest in something that addresses many of the problems you have experienced with your old running shoes? Will you make sure that you find something comfortable? Are you prioritizing comfort or pragmatism? 


Well, this is now the opportunity you have to be more aware of what your generic life choices look like and from there form the best motion forward to see some of the best ways to implement a process that will bring about the changes you want to see realized. 


This is all given the opportunity through the pregnant space of opportunity that presents itself from emptiness.


While letting things go, in this physical example, may seem to work solely on a physical level, there is a lot of psychological processing occurring. This is because the relationship we have towards our possessions, to the outside world, is the relationship that dictates our feelings regarding ourselves.


This is also a hint at why allowing yourself to let go is such an important part of the journey.


The Basics of Letting Go


A simple how-to guide: 


  1. Identify yourself.

  2. Identify the things around you.

  3. Look at the relationship.


  1. What doesn’t spark joy?


  1. Focus here first, what does it spark?


  1. What is the best way to let that go?


So many words. For what is a very simple process, let's unpack it.


Identification: to assess who or what something is.

Relationship: the dynamic between two parts.

Joy: a state of uplifted energy.


So these are some of the basic themes we are looking at, the ideas that what we are experiencing is a part of detailing the way that we are existing to what is around us. The importance of identifying yourself and the things is necessary for one to begin to develop sight. Self-awareness if you will, which in turn allows you to begin to determine the right things to focus on.


The relationship is where we are looking at severity, for example, how you eat daily, vs how you eat at a friend's place. How much joy does each spark? This can give you an idea of the benefits vs weigh downs of each, mixed with the healthiness of each.

Maybe you see that you have really good eating habits, but that also depends on you having access to fresh and healthy options.
In this case, learning to let go of certain lazy habits is an ideal step forward in the process.

If I then make sure to maximize the likelihood of always having fresh things around me and working on the resistance to getting fresh ingredients, then I know I will be more likely to eat healthily.


This is, “What is the best way to let go?”. Oftentimes we are looking for ways to maximise our potential health. To find ways to learn how to manifest more and more opportunities to gravitate toward a healthier expression of our desires. The crazy thing is that when things line up well, they may not spark as much joy as some of the more indulgent times.

This is where our NeuroPsychology is at play, and is what psychedelics are showing to have remarkable effects at helping us realign with our sovereign and divine blueprint. They help us to reengage to more natural ways of being, in such a manner that they feel completely natural once more. 


While this serves as a way-shower, it allows us to have a view of the way forward, as a means to make a positive step toward that direction. This step is helpful for us to negate the resistance, and negative momentum we have in motion, and to allow ourselves to jump forward with some positive momentum.

To get the proverbial ball rolling.


Why We Need to Empty Out


Whatever is present in our lives, is forming a part of our network of ourselves. Of all the parts we are connected to. To all the taps that pour into our lives. 

These all contribute to our cup, to what is present, to what we put inside.

Ultimately to what overflows into all of the spaces around us. As a result, it is wholly important to know what we are connected with.


This overflow is the part that we ultimately share with all others. So making sure that all the contents going in, are of the highest quality, is important to ensure that we ultimately enjoy the co-creating overflow. 


More often than not, we tend to be a sentimental species, or at least I am. When I look at the people and connections I still have in some form, are often there because I am resistant to the energy it will take to look beyond the current environment. 


Often allowing myself to accept less than I deserve, because of some previous attachment. 


I used to beat myself up about this, but now I have learned to surrender.

I am allowing those learnings to recognize the path I want to move along to release that which has finished serving me. So now I can step forward and move continuously into my heart space.

What is the blockage?
What do I need to let go?

How can I support myself in this process?

These are some of the aftercare of letting go.
The parts that support you as you are in the transitional phase of moving beyond where you were.