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Go at your effortless pace, mindfully and with peace.

By Mushly.

Published on 16 December 2023

Our lives are measured by the moments we remember, their quality rather than their quantity. Mindfulness is based on this awareness and expanding each moment to hold as much as possible in that moment of life. In our day-to-day lives, we are exposed to more information, brighter colors, and stranger noises than ever before. These form bizarre frequencies and structures in our brains and beings. 


No wonder our nervous systems are, on average, more nervous. 


Mindfulness practice allows us the opportunity to choose to engage with this system more proactively. This process of beginning to cultivate present-moment awareness allows us to expand our choice of how we live.

While this may seem small and mild, these actions and levels of awareness build up over time and begin to allow all the small moments, learnings, and practices to integrate seamlessly and, effortlessly be applied simultaneously.


I find this to be the only means to move past my present imposter syndrome and learn to enjoy where I am.


The Essence of Mindful Living


Mindfulness is the practice of being where your body is. Engaging with the stimulus that is all around you and observing it all as it is, rather than through some mental calculation or separation. This is the presence that allows an individual to live their lives as instead of being in a space where someone else wants them to be, they get to be in the same space they are in. 


The idea here is that for you to create change, it needs to occur from where you are, rather than where you wish you were. Only from the true present reality are you able to create the change that you may be envisioning. 


Practical Tips for Cultivating Present-Moment Awareness


A means for doing this is mindful breathing, to observe your breath as it is, without looking to change or alter it. This is what allows you to slowly develop a deeper practice of awareness, you always have your breath, so it is something that can always be observed, and if forgotten, can always be picked up again. Diligence, persistence, and patience are key in this practice, as it is a process, and initially, when you seek to bring a level of awareness to something that was overlooked, all you notice is how little attention you may have.


Another great mindfulness practice is to do anything you normally do but with a far greater level of mindfulness. For example, insert your car key very slowly (House keys also work), and be aware of the sensation of doing that.


Setting alarms, random or deliberate, as calls to presence, so that you begin to track a habit of letting yourself work to be more mindful as you move through your day. A great choice for this is the Triple Flame app (Android/IOS). Which works to remind you every 3 hours, to drop in and be present, along with all others around the globe that are choosing to do the same thing.


A combination of all of these is the best way to build the muscle of mindfulness. Start today, continue tomorrow, and fall in love with the journey.


Benefits of Mindfulness in Navigating Life's Challenges


Emotions and the turbulence they tend to bring into our lives tend to take us out of the present moment. They do this by finding the right spaces where we have some level of unhealed something. That is the niggle and then begins the wiggle. The emotion arises and soon we find ourselves caught in a maelstrom of divergent thoughts, difficult beliefs, and all-around concerning perceptions. 


Before long it has been 3 months and you awaken to the fact that it was a passing bit of emotional gas and you can resume your self-care routine, better late than never.


Remembering the present moment gives one the all too powerful option to come back to where their feet are, in the here and now. To release some of the energy in motion, to let the spin state of life be remembered and connected to freshly.


This takes a certain level of emotional strength and diligence. Which over time builds the muscle of resilience. We get to become better at that which we continue to strive toward.


This reduces the stressfulness of a given situation, as we recognize our chance to take a step back from it. Studies have found stress to be the main thing to breaks down our bodies' ability to operate at a peak level. Alleviating stress therefore has one of the largest cumulative effects on our system and allows us to be living in our superpower state. 


It is said that when the energy changes, after a short while the breath changes, and therefore the opposite effect will be true as well. Altering the breath pattern will change the energy pattern and as such it gives the individual the keys to the driver's seat and the opportunity to take responsibility, and the ability to respond, to their circumstances.


 Psychedelics and Present-Moment Connection


One can think of the present moment as this amazing party, sometimes you have heard of it, sometimes you maybe had a cousin that went there often, or dated someone that was always invited. However you may never have been, so you may have anecdotally heard lots about it, and know it to be the best rager. Yet you have no personal experience of the event. 


Logically you know all the perks and bonuses, you may even know some of the DJ's names by now, but you don’t have any emotional connection or personal experiences of it. The rich tapestry of interwoven memories and magical moments are devoid of you. 


This is kind of what the present moment awareness is, it can be communicated in logical terms, it can be pointed to, it can be shared in some way, but truly it must be experienced for yourself to be of benefit.


“Feel the rain on your skin…”


Psychedelics allow us the opportunity to take a dip into the present moment reconnect with that space and experience it. Like jumping into a pool and suddenly being completely aware of the wetness of everything. It serves as an incredible jumpstart to present-moment awareness. 


When this is the case, it is of utmost importance to remember the tenets of intentionality and being responsible with psychedelics, they can only give you what you put in, so figuring out why you are looking to use them and being clear with this intention is the perfect first step.

The present moment is also intelligent and has a way of telling you what to do or rather showing some better paths forward. It all comes to us learning to dial more into those ways and bringing a level of internal awareness forth.


It is the journey of a lifetime, psychedelics have the potential to speed that journey and catalyze its happening.


Personal Growth Through Mindful Exploration


When growing up, we are often faced with times when we have no idea of solutions or ways forward. We find ourselves at crossroads and places where we are, for all intents and purposes, in a stagnant position. Then we see someone doing something differently from any other way we have done it before. Worlds open up as we know have a plethora of alternatives to tap into. Ways to move differently, to live uniquely, to exist wholly in self and the moment.


Mindfulness is the opening of the door to the bright world that lives on the other side. At times the intensity may be overwhelming and there can be great levels of frustration all around. Yet the continuous renewal of the journey is what ultimately gives it its full flavor. 


Mindfully one learns how to keep their awareness of the depth and intensity of the flavour in a way that it may be experienced.


These experiences are often our pieces of trauma or difficulties in our lives, and our ability to move through them is proportional to how much awareness we can maintain of them.


The simple observation of something changes it, so as we learn to hold more, impartially and without objection, we begin to change the complete way that we live and relate.


Challenges and Misconceptions


Very often when a mindfulness practice is cultivated, the first step is to notice how little mindfulness is currently in operation.

Naturally, this is incredibly disheartening. However, it is only the first step and already bodes to such potential growth and expansion that it is truly brilliant. As time progresses, you will improve, simply allow yourself to live through the process, learning to enjoy the journey.


It is meant to be difficult, it is also meant to change, frequently. Allow yourself to diligently show up, for yourself, and continue to practice.

The rewards are more than worth it, the practice one that is sought continuously, and the realization ever-broadening.


The role of psychedelics here is a truly mindful one. It takes a deep and clear intention for all psychedelics to be aligned in a manner that supports and elevates your highest potential. This is the true way to move into your whole self.

Mindfulness provides you the opportunity to in turn make proactive choices at what something lives and lands as in your life. This is the way that you get to reclaim your sovereignty and the opportunity to work with your subconscious. It takes time for the realization to land in your body and become a programmed reality.

Diligent and earnest action does beautiful things when applied consistently.
Start today, continue tomorrow, and do a little more each day.




Emotional responses last 90 seconds, beyond that an attachment has been created to continue its looping. The emotion seeks to remove us from the present moment, as we learn to move through that, we develop resilience. Over time this becomes a habit.

A combination of approaches, that work for you, will always be the best way, remember to revisit ways that haven’t worked as all things change. 


Continuous practice and patience are the keys to realizing the change you are seeking.


All the dreams you have exist in the present moment, and what's more, their all conspiring in your favor, simply exist in your now moment and they will come to you, effortlessly.