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The tried and tested methods

With narratives popping up like, “Use of psychedelics is soaring among young adults, study finds,”, “Psychedelic drugs take on depression”, “‘Ruthless’ Joe Rogan explains how psychedelics made him ‘much kinder’ after Mike Tyson shared his experience,” and “Magic mushrooms’ legal status is leading a psychedelics boom,”, it is no wonder that the whole world is currently watching as many countries look to reform their policies regarding psychedelics. So, while we see the emergence of a billion-dollar treatment market, how are people legally finding and using these substances?


There are ways, and here is a compiled list for your convenience:


1. Forage


A sly workaround may be to forage your own psilocybin mushrooms, as this often falls in a grey area. With this in mind, one should still exercise caution, both in picking the mushroom and possessing it. Picking your mushroom should be careful and deliberate as many psychedelic varieties are similar in appearance to lethal varieties. Possession should be done at your own risk as this is still a legal grey area. Take note that foraging for these psychedelic fungi may still be illegal on private or protected land, even in regions where they are decriminalized.


2. Participate in an ayahuasca ceremony at a church with the legal-approval


Due to ayahuasca being a central theme and part of their sacred practice, one may consume ayahuasca at and with a church that has received approval, such as the União de Vegetal church and some Santo Daime congregations. They have fought for this right over the past 2 decades in order to be able to legally consume their hallucinogenic Amazonian brew. Other churches and organizations have popped up following the support of the 2006 supreme court ruling.


3. San Pedro


Although not native to Canada or the United States, San Pedro are legal to cultivate, for ornamental purposes. So while the extraction or brewing of these cacti is illegal, one may consume the raw flesh, which is psychoactive. In addition to this, both countries have exceptions for peyote, possession and consumption, as these fall within a religious space and receive special treatment.


4. Go exotic and find a psychedelic retreat abroad


While the opportunity to journey at an approved church exists, many still feel more at peace finding one abroad, in spaces such as Mexico, Holland, Costa Rica, Portugal, and a host of other countries. Reasons for this preference range from feeling more comfortable in their more native spaces, as well as minimizing any potential prosecution within the US.


5. Smart shops, their truffles, and caps, in the Netherlands


With the Netherlands' more progressive view towards substances, many find traveling there to be a reasonable alternative when it comes to consuming psychedelic substances. They have a legal option and alternative to LSD, which are happy caps, containing Lysergic Acid Amid (LSA), with 2 caps being equivalent to a tab of acid. In place of psilocybin mushrooms, they also feature psychedelic truffles, which are the underground growths of psilocybin-containing fungi, which are legal to purchase.


6. Salvia


A powerful hitter, that is surprisingly more legal than not, is Salvia Divinorum. Native to the mint family and the regions of Oaxaca, Mexico, this plant is legal for possession in Canada, and the laws vary by state in the US, so be sure to check for your own region. On top of all this, Salvia has the potential to lead to some of the most potent and powerful experiences out of any psychedelic. Exercise caution with this one as it is truly powerful and deserves its respect.


7. Join a clinical trial


With legalization looming, there is an increasing number of trials testing the effects of psychedelics, and joining one may be a great way to legally consume them, as well as be a part of science today. The Heffter Research Institute just gave almost $1 million to 3 leading universities toward psychedelic research at a Ph.D. level. It is an exciting time to dive deeper into this research and is a great opportunity if you are looking to legally consume.


8. Ketamine Therapy


While this compound has been in mainstream pharmacopeia as an anesthetic for years, it has managed to avoid much legal prosecution. Largely because it has only recently found space as a psychedelic and dissociative club drug in recent times. Ketamine is on the rise for medical treatment as research continues into its use in the treatment of depression as well as towards those venturing into their final moments. Companies have even begun to mail tablets to patients.


9. Blue Lotus


With this plant, blue Egyptian water lily, available in many health shops as a tea additive, this may be one of the most commonly found and easily sourced means on this list. To top it off, this plant has been hailed as a means to reach some of the highest states of consciousness in ancient times, and many cultures revered it. It can be brewed into tea, smoked, or marinated in wine. It has been noted to alleviate pain, and depression and may even “catapult you into a super high.”. It is however illegal in the state of Louisana. Long-term effects and safety have not been studied, especially with regard to smoking it.


10. Holotropic Breathwork


If you are looking to jump into a natural high, then holotropic breathwork is the way to go. It is defined as an accelerated and deepened breathing practice, which can lead to a natural high, without any drugs. Whilst in a session, neural activity is modulated by consciously and repetitively inhaling and exhaling. When one enters a state of near-hyperventilation, there is a natural entrance to a trance state and a natural state of ecstasy may be achieved.

Disclaimer: This article is written purely for educational reasons. Mushly in no way suggests the use, sale, or ownership of any illicit substances. Furthermore, take the time to be aware of the legislature and what that means for you, as decided by the governing body of the country and city you live in.