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Body Connection? Like where I get my clothes?

By Mushly.

Published on 28 October 2023

So, body, mind, spirit & the ways that these all work together allowing us to create our experience. We are constantly in a space of learning how we actually move and decide to exist. So what then is the right way to move? How do we choose to create a space internally that we can allow ourselves to best move outward? More importantly, where on earth do mushrooms and my body connect, beyond my stomach?


What are the basics?


So the real basics are us realizing that we are connected in all the ways we are meant to be. The things we felt and believed as kids, when we were a lot more connected and intuitive. So then it becomes a point of learning how to move forward, how to remember what was already known. What was it that I naturally felt keyed into, that I am remembering to make a consistent motion of forward momentum?1 


A part of this process is to remember that you are complete already. Now you may not understand or connect with this. That’s alright, begin to input all we need is within us, even intellectually first. Simply to play with that, as an affirmation, “I am complete as I am”. The key here is to play and experiment for yourself.


What is it we are learning to do and how are we learning to move forward? Tracking back we can see that we are always moving forward in a way that allows us to change and become, we are given the opportunities to realize the path available to us. 


A key, the key, to keying in. Is learning we are on track, even if we need to make changes, it comes down to beginning to realize where our energy is going and how to realign. Incoming surrender point. Take a look at the world, ask your higher self, I am presence, god, higher power, flying spaghetti monster, whatever speaks to you. This is the key, learn to read the situation that you are in.

Read, like a book? I came with an instruction manual?


Okay so, let's say we have an instruction manual, inside of us, how do we read it? We start by slowing down, in a world where we are moving at a million miles a minute. We get to take the leisurely route and look at the opportunities presented to us. 


A keynote on opportunities is that they are, naturally, a different course to what we were going. As such we are naturally resistant to this, oftentimes the thought of the energy it would require to make a change stops us from moving towards a healthier existence. 


Ok, let's unpack that. 


A miser is someone that hoards wealth and spends as little money as possible.


Now our body is a miser when it comes to energy. It wants to hoard as much as possible, so it looks for the most efficient ways to live and continue to thrive in the environment it knows. Now for the most part we are living some less than ideal lives, meaning we are running on old patterns. Learning to stop seems like a luxury, to have the opportunity(they tend to come in cycles), to look at what is unfolding and begin to see what we are blessed with in our lives. Really it is a crucial means to survive & ultimately thrive.


This blessing is a pointer, find something to be grateful for, and get excited at the recognition of this. Learn to let yourself be excited again, gainfully. Much of the time I find that the answers are present in my current experience and it is learning to let go of the attachment to how things have to look.

Let’s reword that: How I have adapted to think things should be. A training, largely due to external situations and the way related to parts of myself. 

A trick I am finding is to learn to focus on the reorganization of information, focusing on first listening to myself, to what is happening in my internal world, and then beginning to share and express that externally. 


This is a constant unfolding and a large portion of what psychedelics and bodywork

 bring to the table. The opportunity to get to see the way that we are using the information in our lives. It allows us to reconnect to the blueprint that we naturally exist with, forming a relationship with our external world. Which then continues to imprint back on us. 


Headache, what is that weird feeling?


I often find that with topics like these, there tends to be an interesting experience happening internally, as the wires in our brain or just general connectivity are reorganized, allowing space for what is already happening to unfold. This can seem weird because it happens at a different rate and pace to what we generally live, so much so it may even be inconvenient, yet I found that it is often the very opposite, it is those critical moments we are asked to slow down and assess everything. This is where we allow shifts to happen.


On the simple side, this weird feeling is connected to hemispheric synchronization and a reorganization that is happening internally, which is allowing our left and right hemispheres to begin communicating.




Well, it brings us right back to the miser, imagine that you are spending money on one either side, the money is good in both the countries of left and right, but you only spend it on one side. Let's expand it a little and say that actually, the currency on the right side is worth more on the left side, where it can be used to create a more finished product that can then be sold back to the right side. This is similar to our creative ideas arising from our right hemisphere, which when looked at in a balanced way allow us to find the better ways we can output and formulate those opportunities. This is a never-ending process as one speaks to the other. 


Allowing this to unfold, becomes a constant happening and experience that slowly grows and becomes more of an intuitive expression of self. 


Practice makes perfect and this seems like a journey and a practice that is ever-expanding. 


Can I experience this?


Now something that brings me joy, is in fact the experience and expression of this. To see how I take a single pointed focus and begin to allow it to expand into the endless passion of everything. Allowing. Accepting. Trusting.


Letting this unfold again and again and again.


So a quick and easy way to experience this is to allow it. 

Also to frame it, we have a midline, the middle point of the body, and crossing it begins the cross-communication. So quite simply, sit, cross your arms and legs, however comfortable and breathe, again however is comfortable.


Just let yourself be, sink into the moment, and experience it as it is.


Now a lot will come up. Almost endless amounts, or alternatively it may be completely peaceful, both of these change. The only thing we know for sure is everything changes. So allow yourself grace as you explore.


The key is to experiment and be curious, let yourself not know, and be excited to find out, this is what allows you to slowly learn more and more about the situation. You are your own best guide. This is also an important reason why I haven’t brought up psychedelics yet.


Do this sober, let it be a practice, let it be an exploration into yourself, be curious, which side is on top, how does it feel, how easily can you relax, can you relax? Continue to drop into these spaces throughout your day. Make it a fun way to slowly get to know your body more and more. Let it unfold and expand as you do. 


This is a part of bodywork, to recognize how the body works and begin to trust that the body is intelligent and actually knows how to work. So it then starts to allow greater levels of this work to occur. An important part of this is to keep it simple, really as simple as it gets, and allow yourself to work from that point and space. Our body and brain do really well with simplicity, they both are capable of creating endless levels of complexity, so the more solid foundations and building blocks are simple, the greater an extrapolation may be reached.


When do psychedelics enter?


Fair question, and for some, it may be never. Quite simply, they enter when you have reached the very end of what you may reach on your own, at the point where your own cycle is at its current limit, and then a teacher is used. As you allow this teacher to teach your teacher, the real magic starts to unfold, as the connected experience begins to speed up and greater levels of connection are reached.

Basically, you did the homework, so the teacher could see where you were struggling, thus allowing you to quickly learn from your mistakes.


This is an internal question and journey, but often times is best served by looking at what you have had the most difficulty moving past and, from there seeing how you can actually create the change you wish to see. A part of the journey is learning what it means on many different levels and what a compassionate way to move through this would be. 


Gentleness balanced with discipline is an important part of all journeys.