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The Modern Dilemma - Misdirection and communication

By Mushly.

Published on 14 December 2023

In a world where we have access to unlimited amounts of moreness, we also get the opportunity to live in harmony. We have always had the opportunity, now the challenge is all the more present and wholesomely felt. We can follow this, as it serves as a call back to a wholesome experience, but we do so in contrast to the norm. This norm is one where we see ourselves constantly doing more, in a never-ending loop to better perform, deliver, and strive.

While useful, it can also leave us drained, following somebody else’s directions and paving their path rather than our own.

To know your heading and bear it correctly takes a balanced perspective between where you are and a focused idea of where you want to go, borne from a place of envisionment.


Now these opportunities present themselves wholesomely, and our inner being is always looking to help us work with them.

The catch is our nervous system is the tool through which we interpret this data. If we lack a healthy level of self-care, then we learn to interpret these signals of awareness in a way that contracts our experience. We are either opening or closing. So learning to create healthy patterns of self, allows you to interpret these signals in a way that provides more structure and opportunity to live more wholesomely.


Learning to navigate the long working hours and extreme levels of connectedness leads us to encounter greater challenges of balance. These can serve us when we set our lives up taking them into account.


To account for them is to plan for them and live with them, intelligently, using the wisdom of the ages as a tool to actualize through them. For example prioritising power naps, digital detox, and scheduling. Learning to target the opportunities that are present and see them as solutions waiting to be discovered rather than challenges that cause limitations.


Lessons from Surrender


All of these learnings come from the space of surrender, allowing all these obstacles and then allowing the opportunity to move through them to be realized. The easiest way to do this is to live the question. To be in a constant state of receiving and learning as you allow the journey to unfold and let you begin to experience more of the answers that are always present.

This process unfolds in divine timing and sometimes can take years, but when it lands, it lands wholly and immediately, creating a sudden and immense change in self and the potential opportunity that exists.


For example, if you work hours that are long and irregular, then learning to create a schedule and routine that works for you is a great way to move forward, but if this fails to work, then surrendering to that is another part of learning to actualize through the experience.


Surrendering goes hand in hand with letting go. I worked a job in sales, but I didn’t find it to be all that beneficial to my complete experience, there were lessons to learn and integrate, but I found that the trade-off was for me to pick up behaviors that were not serving me. When I surrendered to my awareness I saw that the trade-off was not something I agreed with, so I chose to leave, to rather align with something that can better serve myself and the world around me. 


It wasn’t the easiest, but I knew that was what felt right to do, so I learned to let go. I learned to let in. 

This journey is one that I feel like we are always journeying with and that only as we learn to move in more alignment with ourselves, at a fundamental cellular level, are we then able to begin to see the potential that exists in every one of us.


Embracing Adaptability


Everything appears as we are, so by learning to accept its is-ness and allow its unfolding, we begin to see the natural balance that exists. The way things are. This tests me and leads me to wonder through many wanderings, learning and growing through the ponderings.

I find myself realizing that our experience is like a pond, where we throw a stone in, and while we notice the initial ripple, if we remain aware we begin to see the surface was never really calm, that we are in turn learning to become more aware of things as they are.

Simply observing them, we notice patterns.

Allowing them we let ourselves feel.


Learning from them we begin to experience more of the story.


Through this process reflection allows us to become more and more aligned with ourselves, which reveals the meaning of our story to ourselves.


This leads to an adaption within ourselves.


This allowed to compound leads us to become more of ourselves than we could believe.


Building Resilience


The tool of resilience is learning to let go of the initial emotion or element that arises, to trust there is a deeper well of potential underneath that we are seeking to tap into.


As we go deeper in our emotional realms we can delve deeper into the mystery of life. In short, we feel more so we experience more of our story. This story can hurt. The hurt is always where our healing comes through, but it is a practice. This relates to our resilience, the ability we have to withstand opposing forces. 


Stress and chaos exist all around us, yet we have the opportunity to decide how we relate to them and whether we allow ourselves to be brought down by them. We are the ones captaining our ship so we get to steer it in such a way that we learn through the path that we journey. Naturally, there are opportunities to move more efficiently and this is what resilience teaches us as we embrace adaptability. We learn ways that support our journey so that we can navigate the experience of life so that we progress towards our life.

A great resilience practice I enjoy engaging in is the muchness. I like to see it as a game. Play it often and play it as much as you can, whenever and wherever you can, there are no good or bad places to play, as it is just a play.

So the muchness is focused around simply feeling the muchness, how much of it can you feel? To feel as much as you can and then feel if you can feel a bit more. Pile as much as you can on, let yourself rest, or just keep throwing more on, you get to decide, and see that you find all the ways that you can stretch your capacity.

Then when it gets too much let it all go. Or see if you can multiply it, exponentiate it, just for a moment. Always allow yourself the release and a moment to experience that release. The aftercare of this exercise is perhaps the most important, we are learning to hold more, but also the journey of self-care in holding more.


The Psychedelic Perspective


We live in the here and now, our here and now, it is our frame of reference. The way we look at things changes the things we look at, so becoming aware of our frame provides us a deeper inner-standing of how it plays out in our lives. The truth underlying the reality is the opportunity for us to find better ways to exist.


Psychedelics allow us the opportunity to learn through what we know, and how we know it, serving us the opportunity to change it and actualize. Reflection on these experiences is important as it serves as a practice for us to internally acknowledge we know all we need to, now we are allowing those learnings to integrate. 


Many of these experiences have an artful experience to them, they are experienced from and through the heart so the smallest reflection immediately changes our internal narrative. This compounded over time lets us become more complete and whole.


Key tip, let the overthinking go, journal or prompt yourself in the smallest ways, and let the magic happen naturally.


Practical Strategies


Honesty is a foundational point for you to create a harmony that serves you. Once you know what that looks like for you, then there is the opportunity to strive to create it, this process is unique to you and one that can change and look however it needs to.


Know your schedule, the flexibility you have, and what your patterns are, from there reverse engineer what is within your control. 

Do you like to take breaks?
Have the freedom of where you work?

When do you work?

Who do you work with?

What do you work on?

What do you work for?

Determining these allows you to ensure that you are a priority in your work life and real life. This leads you to get to experience more of a wholesome experience for yourself and others. You know what you want and the steps to achieving that become clearer.
A path defined is a path established, further clearing and divining allows you to establish more of a route and structure.

Allow it to happen effortlessly.


Cultivating Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the action to become aware of what you are doing while doing it. It is a cultivation that expands and grows as you do. Continuity of practice is key, the slow routine of learning to be more present and aware within the moment, while it is happening and letting yourself discover what that is telling you.


This changes the way our brain relates to stress and allows us to become more tolerant of the transitory experiences of our lives. 


A great technique to cultivate this is to feel your feet, and then be where they are.
This technique is great for grounding you in the space you are in, allowing you to “Drop in” and let go of a lot of the noise around you, as you sink deeper within your own experience.


The trick here is to seek repetition over perfection, you want to continue to repeat this exercise and make it a habit, rather than seek to do it perfectly.




Life is as chaotic as you allow it to be. Whatever you aren’t changing you are choosing, as you let yourself become more aligned with your whole being, you will find that the opportunities to exist as and through them will appear, these will serve you, you. 


Learning to embrace this appearance and love it, is the key to finding that harmony inside. This is a journey and one that you express, experience and actualize through, our journey is our own. 


Realizing the modern dilemma lets us release it, moving into the surrendered state which leads to our increased adaptability and resilience to the vicissitudes of life. We then have the opportunity to release them and learn to believe that we can make things better, to get to be all that we were born to be, and more. 


Psychedelics serve as an entry point for us to experience more of our true essence and align with that. This is a story of balance. Learn to let your inner being speak and experience through you.