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The Birth of an Enigma

By Mushly.

Published on 12 August 2023


The tale of Enigma Mushrooms begins with a peculiar mutation within the popular psychedelic species, Psilocybe cubensis. This captivating mutation often referred to comically as the "blob mutation," gives rise to a growth pattern that resembles intricate coral formations or even brain-like structures. The name "Enigma" is fitting, for these mushrooms are indeed an enigma, a puzzle piece in the fascinating mosaic of, blue-bruising, psilocybin-bearing fungi.


These mushrooms have gained attention within online mushroom communities such as Reddit and Shroomery, where they have earned monikers like "Tidalwave" or "Brainiac." Yet, Enigma Mushrooms really are beyond any neatly fit mushroom nomenclature. Instead, they emerge as a unique body type or morphology, a product of the creative interplay between two distinct mushroom mating types that, under natural circumstances, would not come together—further adding fuel to the already present enigmatic fire of psilocybin mushrooms.


A Marvel Born of Human Hands


The story behind Enigma Mushrooms is shrouded in mystery, yet one thing remains clear – these captivating creations are the result of human intervention. Unlike their counterparts, Enigma Mushrooms do not produce spores and are sterile, much like a mule, the offspring of a horse and a donkey. Their existence hinges on the intricate art of cloning, a process that allows them to be recreated, but only through the unique interference of human hands.


The origins of Enigma Mushrooms trace back to experimentation by cultivators like Third Wave Genetics, pioneers in the modern psychedelic space. Through deliberate and calculated cross-breeding, two different mating types that would not naturally reproduce are entwined to give rise to the mesmerizing Enigma. A result that is heralded to bring some highly potent mushrooms into existence.


Unveiling the Unusual: Appearance and Characteristics


One of the defining features of Enigma Mushrooms exists in their captivating appearance. Unlike other strains of P. cubensis, Enigma manifests as a "blob mutation," characterized by its amorphous, brain-like structure. These mesmerizing mushrooms often lack the traditional cap and gills found in their counterparts, lending them an otherworldly aura.


Under the careful eye of experienced cultivators, Enigma Mushrooms have revealed their intriguingly high potency. Some reports suggest that the effects of Enigma Mushrooms surpass those of even highly regarded strains like Penis Envy. However, as with all mushrooms, potency is subject to various factors, from growing conditions to individual responses.


An interesting thing to note here is that many cultivators and avid mycologists are staunch believers that, “A cube is a cube is a cube.”, which is to say that one strain of Psilocybe Cubensis, is equivalent to another strain. However the jury is still out on this one as some people acknowledge that potency is of course a factor, but above this, that different strains lead to different journeys. Both sides present compelling evidence, with the median of course resting in the fact that anecdotally people have tried different mushrooms and had different experiences. One side says that concentration levels of psilocybin vs psilocin (the compound that psilocybin breaks down into) have an effect on the onset and lead-in of the experience. This is what lends this time to an even more exciting time as we are now uniquely poised to begin uncovering these answers.


Cultivating the Enigma: A Unique Endeavor


Cultivating Enigma Mushrooms presents a journey that requires patience, attention, and a deep understanding of their distinct preferences. These mushrooms thrive on substrates such as coconut coir and gypsum, where their mycelium can colonize and flourish. Maintaining a healthy temperature between 75-81°F during colonization and slightly lower temperatures of 70-75°F during harvesting stages is crucial. Optimal humidity levels, range from 95 to 100 percent, providing a suitable environment.


The journey from inoculation to harvest extends beyond that of traditional P. cubensis strains. Enigma Mushrooms demand extra care and attention, resulting in a growth process that spans between six to eight weeks. During this period, the unique surface-level sclerotia of Enigma emerges, forming the iconic brain-like curls that make these mushrooms a visual marvel. This time difference is quite substantial as regular psilocybe strains generally take between 1-3 weeks for inoculation at most.


A Glimpse into the Potency


The potency of Enigma Mushrooms unveils itself in various strains, each offering a distinct psilocybin content. For instance, Enigma Tony, a reported strain, boasts a potent 8.4 milligrams of psilocybin per gram, making it a noteworthy candidate for experimentation. The potency of Enigma Mushrooms, however, is a reflection of the grower's meticulous care, attention to detail, and cultivation expertise.


Which does in turn bring up the question of, just because we can, should we? Similarly with the decriminalization, and further legalization, of marijuana we have found (and even before), that the care growers were putting in, was mainly focused on creating the most potent strains. Which in Mary Janes's case is related to a high THC content, and similarly for mushrooms with a high Psilocybin content. As we have seen with Marijuana, this has led to some incredibly potent strains, but many of the medicinal benefits could be lacking, due to the focus on a high THC content as opposed to a good balance between THC and CBD (The two active components within Marijuana).

So we are in turn questioning if we are pushing things beyond a realm we should. Yet the adage of at some point it will be done does ring proper, so then the onus falls to us to be the ones that choose to have these conversations so that we can work together. What is better for all is, what we all want, when we are all healthy and living in healthily loving environments. This means that as we pioneer this process we are in each moment choosing how to best move forward and align internally so that we can better contribute to cultivations being harmonious.


A Peculiar Legacy: Spores and Propagation


Intriguingly, Enigma Mushrooms deviate from conventionality when it comes to reproduction. Unlike typical mushroom strains that produce spores, Enigma Mushrooms rely on cloning as their primary means of propagation. This unique method sets them apart as a testament to the potential of human intervention in shaping the world of psilocybin fungi.


As well as expanding the lens we look at the world through, this may be providing us an opportunity to look at what is that we are doing with regards to our psilocybin friends, how it is that we can best work with them, for example by looking at where else cloning occurs and use this as a template to follow. The more we look deeply into the natural world and seek to really understand the process, to the best of our present ability, the more we are able to step forward into a space of greater understanding.


Embracing the Enigma: Uniting Psychedelic Marvel and Mystery


Enigma Mushrooms stand as a testament to the captivating convergence of human innovation and the mystique of the natural world. Their distinctive appearance, potent effects, and unique growth pattern have quickly helped them into the spotlight of the psychedelic community. Enigma Mushrooms invite us to explore the boundaries of possibility, as we continue to unravel the mysteries they hold and the lessons they offer.


As we celebrate the allure of Enigma Mushrooms, it's essential to acknowledge the legalities and regulations surrounding psilocybin mushroom cultivation. The cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms remains illegal in many jurisdictions, and it's crucial to be informed and compliant with local laws. All the more during these times as new laws, bills and amendments are being passed, it is a crucial time to focus on cleverly placing the energy we have available. This is a massive turning point in the way that we as human beings have related to the natural world around us, specifically in the west as we begin to take note of the medicines that are available to us.


Embrace the enigma, embark on a journey of discovery, and tread with reverence as you uncover the secrets and marvels concealed within Enigma Mushrooms.


(Note: The cultivation and consumption of psilocybin mushrooms may be subject to legal restrictions in various regions. Readers are advised to research and adhere to relevant laws and regulations.)