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The Adaptability Ethos

By Mushly.

Published on 06 December 2023

Really it is quite a superpower, as the only constant that we know exists is change, the fact that day in and day out, we need to adapt to the ongoings of life, to the way that everything is always set to change, become different and just not be the same. So in that way, it is highly beneficial. 

To change with the times is a key to not just surviving today, but to begin to set yourself up to thrive, in a completely holistic and fully embodied manner.

Change is something that is always happening, even if we aren’t realising it, almost more so if we aren’t realising it. So learning to embrace change in a mindful manner is what ultimately begins to allow us to find better ways to live and become our best selves. 


This is why we have so many trends of mindfulness popping up and becoming more available and followed, as people are beginning to realize that it is important to actually cultivate a practice of feeling deeply. 


Mindfulness helps us proactively engage with change and look at it in a way that can be less stressful.

This is done through the rewiring of our brain neurology, the architecture that runs our brain, in a way that we take off some of the strain that is normally felt when we experience emotional currents.


A key change that occurs is that the way we associate with pain begins to change, where something that hurt us, can now be observed in its fullness, without being lost in it. Embodying through and beyond the pain, to the space where we are then able to fully integrate it and remain present to what the next best step may be.


The Significance of Adaptability


If you want to achieve and succeed at a high level, you need to be able to embrace the moment. However, it appears it is there to be felt, listened to, and learned from, as well as with. This is a lesson I consistently find myself learning, time and time again. This is a blessing as I feel that I am only just beginning to conceptualize anything really. 


Let's take a step back, as we grow, more and more of our brain develops and the way that we relate to the information we hold, changes, this can be seen as why we develop greater levels of wisdom as we learn to be able to compute what we know.

As well as letting go of what we know and learning to be a child once more. 


A large portion of why I am grateful to come back to embracing change, is frankly, I don’t always get things right, in fact, often I make mistakes, and need to fix them. Sometimes I don’t even know how to do just that.

This can be a massive challenge, as in a typical masculine-minded individual I feel like everything should be solvable if you just approach it from the right angle. 


Sometimes the best solution is to sit and be present with the changing moment and learn how to let go of what it is that is held to so tightly.

In the adage of a great saying, “If you love something, let it go, if it comes back to you, it is yours forever”.

So that is what we learn to do, professionally and personally, when we embrace the changing moment. We learn to lean into trusting the universe, much like when in a mushroom ceremony and everything is getting very intense.

Sure there is, technically, the option to freak out, however, it doesn’t really feel all that appetizing. So the path of least resistance appears, sooner or later, and allows me to calm down and learn that once more all is okay.


I have learned that sometimes when things feel okay, there is something that is being ignored, something important.
Sometimes when things feel off, they are okay and there may just be stress that has accumulated in the moment. 


The nature of life means that we are always in a see-saw as we live and float through life.


Hence we need to be able to change.

What works in your business perfectly, may stop working or might even be counterproductive.
The solution isn’t to freak out or worry, but to deal with it in the moment and continue to do so, little by little.


Really what all this helps highlight, for me, is that allowing oneself to adapt is the key to ultimately beginning to live the life that you want to. As the path may not always take you directly there, yet, with diligent awareness, we are able to consistently move closer, little by little. This is the key to learning and becoming more and more.

Plus it is great for your mental health. Little by little we learn to navigate more and more so that we are able to begin to chart out the path toward our highest goal.


It also ensures that we are best able to navigate the changing paths toward our goals. Life moves in spirals and the more I allow myself to spiral more compassionately, the more easily I find the journey to be, for myself and those around me.


Life is forever presenting me with challenges, coded specifically to my needs and current level of capability. The trick I find, which mushrooms help to solidify, is to look at them as a part of the journey. That what is appearing, is meant to be, and that I am able to move through it, effortlessly.


Now that is not to say that it will be free of any difficulty. 


Oftentimes it will touch on all the most difficult parts of yourself. Incredibly so.


This helps to build resilience. Which is a great spice to have in your cupboard, and ultimately allows you to be more ready to show up and lean into the happenings of life.


Resilience may be a difficult lesson, but it is definitely one worth learning.


Adaptability in Various Aspects of Life


Personal Life


Explore how adaptability contributes to a fulfilling personal life.

Discuss the role of adaptability in relationships, family dynamics, and personal growth.

Professional Life


If you do not learn to navigate the waves of life, you will forever be thrown off course by the smallest of obstacles. So it is an important thing to learn to change, on a big scale, while remaining true to your truth. 


The way that you see the world is unique to you. Learn to move in alignment with this, more and more, as you grow you will begin to see that you are the one who is truly able to meet yourself and those around you.


This allows you to build muscle, which you may have lacked completely before, which is amazing.

Morale boost aside, this muscle is important, it is the part that arises and allows you to truthfully look into the belly of the beast, the shadow of death, and the maw of the Kraken and say, “I know myself. I know I will come out the other side, speeding forth.”


This resilience and ability to trust yourself, to put your will so wholly behind your own energy is what ultimately allows you to move forward and begin to learn how to actually be the person that you wish to be.


I have found that the person I wish to be is sometimes not even who or what I thought it was, and that only by learning to lean into myself and the person that I am, do I ultimately become the person that can dream the fullness of myself into existence. This is important.


Wholly and truthfully, would you like to be the person that you always thought you would be, or constantly shine the lens through which you see yourself so that you are slowly, by slowly, learning how to even begin to conceptualize what your potential may be actualized into and subsequently the most amazing people that will join you on this journey. 


The latter is definitely more exciting to me.


Cultivating a Growth Mindset


A growth mindset is a mind frame where you are able to look at what you experience in your life and begin to see how it is all working out for you allowing you to move more and more into the whole version of yourself, inch by inch.


This growth mindset is built by repetition, in short, it is grown, little by little, until one begins to see that the problems that may be focused on, are in fact just seeds of solutions.

The environment needs to be swapped out in order for them to begin to bloom and only after this and some graceful processing, mostly feeling has been done, is there the opportunity to begin to see the right way to move forward and live in alignment. 


To do this:
Get comfortable.

Feel until you are uncomfortable.

Work with your frame to be comfortable again.


Rinse & repeat as necessary.


  • An important note here is that you are meant to look at things as they are, simply and truthfully. Not to change anything, but just allow it to be all exactly as it is. 

  • When you are getting comfortable again, you are using tools like gratitude, finding things to be grateful for, and looking at how things are growing you for the future. 

  • This process is natural and not meant to be mentally intense, if it is, take a break and look for a different angle to approach.

As this process is applied again and again, you will see that your mind will naturally begin to process information differently, things that used to throw you off can now be approached in more of a calmer manner, allowing you to slowly, but surely begin to look at the process of unfolding in your life. 


This is when things start to shift a bit more consistently and almost dramatically, as there is now the opportunity for you to see, that the way that you have been relating, has changed and so the relation you have to things changes as well.


This is an accelerating process as the way forward begins to unfold at an accelerated rate.