Spore Print & Mycelium Transfers

Again, in an extremely clean environment, cut a sample of mycelium and transfer it into a jar of sterilized grain. The mushroom mycelium will start to grow out, running across and devouring the grain, eventually taking over the whole jar.
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Spore Print to Agar Transfer
In this lesson we add spores to agar petri dish, this is a must know for anyone starting the journey to learning how to grow mushrooms.
7:15 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
Mycelium to Agar Transfer
In this lesson we learn how to isolate mycelium from one petri dish and transfer it to another. Isolation's can be used to move healthy mycelium from a partly contaminated dish or building mycelium library.
10:45 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
Agar to Grain Transfer
This lesson we cut mycelium from a petri dish to add to a substrate. The substrate used for lesson is sorghum, a fast colonizer for mycelium.
9:12 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
Grain to Grain Transfers
Adding grain to grain...
1:44 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
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