How to Make Agar

When growing mushrooms you will need to start with mycelium, the best way to grow mushroom cultures is with agar. This is an essential skill for all mushroom cultivators. In this course we will teach you how to keep the petri dish sterile, making the agar, pouring and finally sealing and caring for the agar petri dish. Agar for long term use is beneficial to making copies of mushroom cultures and keeping a library of live mycelium.
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Sealing a Petri Dish
In this free lesson we show you how to keep dish sterile, how to hold and pick up the dish and seal a petri dish using parafilm.
5:47 Minutes
Loading Glovebox
In this video we teach you the correct method to load the glovebox
4:23 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
Making Agar Mixture
In this video we show you the correct way to mix agar
5:07 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
Agar Temperature
In this video we have completed the boil in pressure cooker and will now bring it to cool before pouring into dishes.
1:44 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
Pouring Agar
In this lesson we show you how to pour agar into the petri dish's
6:03 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
Sealing & Caring
In this lesson we seal the dish using the method from the first video to seal a petri dish using parafilm. We also discuss caring for the agar dish.
5:01 Minutes Beginner to Intermediate
This course includes:
  • 27+ Minutes of video lessons
  • Certificate on complition
Used for:
  • Essential skill for all mushroom cultivators
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